Monster Hunter Tri, the third in the series on consoles, has been available in Japan since August but is set to hit North America and Europe in April according to Official Nintendo Magazine. And it’s a Wii exclusive. The Wii is way behind the other console in number of RPG’s and It’s nice to see a big name title coming to the console.

Monster Hunter Tri sees the introduction of an expansive story mode with players taking on the role of a hunter, who is tasked by the Village Chief to investigate the constant earthquakes that threaten the everyday life of Moga village. A bustling and vibrant town, Moga is home to the hunter and includes a Blacksmith for forging weapons and armor, a shop where items can be purchased and an expanded farm with Felynes acting as laborers and tending the crops. The incentive to complete quests is now no longer limited to the collection of items and money with which the hunter can create or upgrade armor and weapons. Successful hunts have a real and visible impact on the status of Moga Village as on returning home quest items are used to repair damage caused by the earthquakes resulting in happier and more active villagers.

There is an option of split-screen mode where two players can hunt co-operatively on select quests or form a team of up to four hunters via the game’s custom online Wi-Fi mode. While playing solo they will be accompanied by Cha-Cha, an AI hunting partner.

Complementing the new creatures and quests that Monster Hunter Tri introduces to the series, hunters will also have the benefit of new weapons, armor sets and items. These include an all new weapon class, the Switch Axe and a Torch that illuminates the darkest caves and will fend off certain creatures to assist the hunt.

The Monster Hunter series has sold over 10 million units globally and has given rise to dedicated “Monster Hunter Summer Training Camps”, ”Monster Hunter Festivals” and an abundance of licensed merchandise.

Features: (From Developer)

• Graphics: Breathtaking graphics reveal one of the most beautiful games ever developed for Wii
• Environments: Introduction of gorgeous new environments, including underwater and volcano present new gameplay mechanics and the ability to fight the fantastic beasts above and below the water.
• Updated Ecosystem: A fully developed world finds man and monsters existing side by side in a living and breathing ecosystem where monsters not only interact with the hunter, but with each other as well.
• Controls: Choose between three different control configurations using either Wii Remote and Nunchuck or Wii Classic controller to determine which best suits your style of play.
• Online: Capcom’s proprietary online wi-fi mode allows up to four players to connect online with ease.
• Enhanced Single Player Mode: Monster Hunter Tri’s introduction of an enhanced single player mode which eases players into the world of Monster Hunter delivering a series of quests that introduce game mechanics slowly.
• Accessibility: Updated user interface makes it easy for players to select the right tool for the job via visual cues which aide in managing items for mining, gathering, carving, and more.

Looks like this is one I’ll definitely be on the look out for. And its kinda pretty to boot. Check out the Gallery Below.

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