Art from 'The Golem'
Art from ‘The Golem’

Moonbot Studios first revealed their game The Golem in a presentation February 4th, to much speculation and excitement. The staff at Moonbot had already put a lot of planning into the concept before announcing the title. Research for this game involved a studio trip to Prague and even involving a rabbi for the theological and philosophical themes of the game.

For many years, William Joyce and our team at Moonbot Studios have been fascinated with a tale rooted in Jewish folklore. The Golem’s story originates in Prague and has rippled through pop culture for decades: Frankenstein, Terminator, Prometheus. It is the first great monster story retold in countless variations…

The game is set in the dark and beautiful city of Prague during the early 16th century. You will play as the immensely powerful creature known as the Golem. Despite your incredible potential for destruction, mastering the Golem will be about mastering control of yourself so that you can protect and not destroy the great city that created you. It will be deeply rewarding when you learn to wield the Golem with not only savage strength but also with delicacy.

In order to help get The Golem off the ground, Moonbot has launched a Kickstarter, asking for $750,000. If the studio gets the money in time, The Golem will be released on PC using the Unity engine. The gameplay will center on balancing the Golem’s frightening strength with delicate precision. This is not Moonbot Studios first foray into gaming. This fall, they will be releasing Diggs Nightcrawler for the Playstation Wonderbook, and have previously released The Numberlys and The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore for iOS.

As of press time, the Kickstarter has $49,853 dollars in it with 36 days to go. Rewards for chipping in range from access to the production blog and a copy of the game all the way up to a trip to their Shreveport studio and induction into the game as a statue in the town.

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  • […] In our previous article, we described the efforts of Moonbot Studios to raise money to help them create The Golem. A game about a giant golem made by the five guilds of Prague to help fend off Cesare Borgia’s armies and the Golem’s own personal search for a soul. “The story is about the Golem’s experience in life; his awakeing, why he’s a machine of war..and his achieving of his goal,” Bohdon Sayre explained. […]

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