We’re less than a month away from the August 7th release of Persona 4 Arena, and this week, Atlus has put together another pair of character packs for us. Feast your eyes on screenshots, character art, and color sets for Naoto and Yu below. You can also check out a promo image showing off the cover art and pre-order bonus soundtrack CD at right. If you want to see the previously released character packs, you can find the bios for Chie and Yosuke here, or head here for one on Yukiko.

Character Bio: Naoto Shirogane
“The 5th generation of the Shirogane family of detectives. She is trusted by the police despite her age and investigated last year’s murders. Her gun, traps, and Sukuna Hikona’s instant death moves make her very dangerous.”

Character Bio: Yu Narukami
“The young man who ended the case that rocked Inaba returns for the holidays, only to find a new mystery in the P-1 Grand Prix tournament. With his katana and Persona, Izanagi, he can hold his own in all aspects.”

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