Greg’s Pick: Rock Band 3

Who doesn’t like Rock Band at this point? When this releases this month the great gameplay we’ve come to enjoy gets even better with the addition of the Keyboard (it’s not a damn keytar Dan!!) and Pro-Mode. Pro-mode will allow you to play every single note using real instruments!!

Fender is making a guitar dedicated to Rock Band or you can use any MIDI instrument. Other improvements include the ability for players to jump in or out of songs, change instruments, and change difficulty settings without interrupting a song already in progress.

This is gonna be an awesome improvement to an already well made franchise.

Dan’s Pick: Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii)

Let’s just all be honest here. How can you not love Kirby? The little pink eating machine is back in a new Wii title, but Kirby is transported to a world where everything is stitched together.

This time, Kirby is without the trademark bottomless stomach. So instead of eating all of the enemies, Kirby takes a cue from the Belmont family and brings along a whip-like piece of yarn that can be used to attack and alter the landscape. The game looks very cute, simple and fun, and that’s what we need more of.

And yes, it will be a keytar, Greg.

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