Harvest Moon publisher Natsume has announced that they are bringing a new title over from Japan. Mystic Chronicles is a retro-style RPG created by Kemco, perhaps best known for the unfortunately bad Daikatana back in 2000.

Along with a traditional JRPG quest system and graphics reminiscent of the SNES, Mystic Chronicles offers something called the “Guardian Beast” system. Lux, a trainee at the Guardians Guild, and his colleagues can be assigned a variety of guardian creatures to assist with attacking, defense or healing. Players will control the characters while the beasts are all AI controlled.

Mystic Chronicles, a port of an iOS game, is set for a release this summer on the Playstation Portable. Natsume will be rolling out more information over the next few months, but for now, you can see screenshots from the game below.

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