MyLittleShopLogoOn the tails of Animal Parade and Sunshine Islands, Natsume is set to bring some “serious fun” to WiiWare with Harvest Moon: My Little Shop today. My Little Shop takes place in Clover Town, and offers a little different spin on the normal Harvest Moon. Along with raising livestock and crops, you get the chance to sell them yourself. As the story opens, you inherit your grandparents’ land, which includes both the farm and the shop. In order to keep customers coming back, you’ll have to offer new recipes and master motion-sensitive minigames. These include chopping vegetables and rolling eggs. As Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO at Natsume, says, “It’s a great addition to the WiiWare™ library for players of all ages. It combines the addictive farming fun of the Harvest Moon series with lively, imaginative minigames.” The game is available right now via the Wii Shop channel for 1200 Wii Points, and according to Natsume’s website, there will be additional chapters for download in the future. For those who want an idea of what it offers before you drop some money on it, check out the trailer here.

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