Over at Capcom-Unity, they announced the newest addition to the Ace Attorney series will hit the streets this winter in both the US and Europe. It is scheduled for Japanese release on May 28th.

For those less familiar with the Ace Attorney (“Gyakuten Saiban” in Japan) series, the first four installments (three starring Phoenix Wright, and one with Apollo Justice) centered around playing a defense attorney. You spent a little bit of time gathering evidence and interviewing suspects and witnesses, but the bulk of the gameplay took place inside the courtroom. Through cross-examining and analyzing testimony and preseenting evidence, you sought to elucidate the truth in the court of law. The games are fun and humorous and in some ways harken back to the adventure games of old during the investigation phase.

But this time, instead of being a “Gyakuten Saiban” (Turnabout Trial) title, it’s called “Gyakuten Kenji” (Turnabout Proescutor). As the name change suggests, this installment has some differences, including playing as prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (Mitsurugi Reiji for you “Gyakuten Saiban”) players. It’ll be interesting to see character development through the eyes of the high-class Edgeworth instead of the more common man Wright. It also looks like the court battles have been traded in for in-depth crime scene investigation and interrogation. From the Japanese cover, we can expect plenty of harassment for Gumshoe, especially if Franziska Von Karma shows up, too. There look to be two new characters involved, too. The girl goes by the name Kay Faraday and is a “mysterious thief” while the guy on the right is rival prosecutor Shiryuu Rou.

Japanese Cover for Gyakuten Kenji
Japanese Cover for Gyakuten Kenji

I have faith in Capcom to produce a well-made spinoff, but I am going to miss the courtroom work.  I hope the next installment has some courtroom time, too, but this could be a nice change of pace. One thing’s for sure, I’ll be pre-ordering my copy. For those looking for the next courtroom battle, Gyakuten Saiban 5 is under development by Capcom in Japan, but no release has been scheduled.

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