From an article at RPGamer, it looks like Americans are going to have another chance to enjoy one of the most highly acclaimed games in the Final Fantasy series. Or, if you’re me or KK, you’ll get the chance to actually beat one of the few Final Fantasies left on your to-do list. It looks like someone caught wind of the ESRB announcing ratings for Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation 3 and PSP. (Coincidentally, I have another article on the horizon talking about the 10 best RPGs that I never finished. Yes, this is on the list. Hopefully I’ll have that article done this week. But I digress.) It looks to be the FF7 International version that was released in Japan after US releases which means one thing: bonus features! I’m looking forward to finally checking this one off my list, and being able to comment on both sides of the FF6 vs FF7 debate. It’s hard to be a staunch defender of FF6 when you haven’t played FF7.

Update – (6/2/09) – At 3 p.m. today, during Sony’s E3 announcement, it was announced that FF7 will be available on the PlayStation Network today.

Screenshot of FF4:The After Years (from RPGamer)
Screenshot of FF4:The After Years (from RPGamer)

In other Squeenix news, a Joystiq footnote mentioned that the first installment of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is going to be released today on WiiWare. The game takes place 17 years after FF4 and stars the son of Cecil and Rosa. Many of the orignal cast are still around including everyone’s favorite spoony bard Edward and my personal favorite Rydia. The games were originally designed for cell phones and released on a monthly schedule. At this time, I don’t have any information about future releases, but one chapter per month does not seem unreasonable.

Update – (6/2/09) – It looks like the first episode available will revolve around Rydia. It’s like they know me!

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  • Kiraman Katibin

    FF6 vs FF7 is the wrong debate. Niether game has Vivi in it so they both lose. 😛

    I’ve only finished FF9, X, and XII. So I understand that unfinished list. I wonder if Square is just going to create sequels to all the FF games eventually. I would like another game with Vivi.

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