sakurawarslogoNIS America has opened the floodgates and released a deluge of screenshots for their upcoming title Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love for PS2 and Wii. There is still no set date for release beyond “Winter 2009/2010.” This batch of screenshots features Shinjiro Taiga, the protagonist, and Gemini Sunrise, the redheaded cowgirl. The shots are a mixture of battle and dialog scenes from for both characters, plus some flight mode screens for Shinjiro.

The Sakura Wars website has also been updated recently, adding character information for Cherry, Diana and Subaru as well as an explanation for the Camratron. The Camratron is a device that Shinjiro carries around allowing him to take pictures. The pictures can be given to Cherry for use on pamphlets for the theatre, and in return, you get bonus photos. The Camratron also has radio access, to give you up-to-date information while you explore the city.

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