Square Enix has released a handful of screenshots from the remastered version of Final Fantasy X-2, and it’s hard to deny that they look pretty darn good. The character models and backgrounds are both looking better than their PS2 versions, and Square Enix is reporting that the character models have also been tweaked to improve the facial expressions. Hopefully, the next batch of Final Fantasy X and X-2 screens will show off other models like the hypello and shoopuf.

All of the backgrounds have been redrawn for Final Fantasy X-2 HD, and Yuna’s concert has been re-rendered for the remake. Both Final Fantasy X HD and X-2 HD will be offered together on one disc for the Playstation 3 release, and as separate releases for the Vita version. Square Enix still has not set a firm date, but the titles will be hitting both systems sometime this year. Hopefully this will help them drum up enough business to stave off more awful sales numbers, and give them enough capital to get some new projects going.

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  • At first I didn’t think I would buy this, since I’ve beaten X multiple times and X-2 once, but the more I look at it the more I want to play it in HD. Curse you Squenix, for manipulating my nostalgia like that!

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