After 3 years in development, the “Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii” fan mod has been released, revitalizing the blockbuster hit on the Nintendo Wii.

But this isn’t just a simple palette swap or a couple of levels. This ambitious expansion adds 130 new levels to the game, spread across eight different worlds and 18 themed areas. The development team has also added a handful of new bosses and enemies, and a new soundtrack packs in over 30 new songs, along with a handful of remixes. And for those who were born back in the NES era, the Hammer Suit has  been included, giving you the ability to dish out justice to those pesky Hammer Bros.

The fan mod is available to download from the project’s official website, though you’ll need a Nintendo Wii (the Wii U is not yet supported), a copy of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and an SD card with 570 MB of free space. Your console will also need to be homebrew-enabled, though you won’t need to illegally hard-mod it.

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