Edge saw this tweet from Wii hacker Youness Alaoui, also known as KaKaRoToKs. He announced on Twitter that he has already used the master signing keys to spoof the V3.56 firmware that came out yesterday. Essentially the only way Sony was able to contain the master signing key hacks was to block PSN access thereby taking away most peoples incentive to pirate. You lose multiplayer. So the hackers have been using the master signing key to spoof the official firmware so that PSN would not kick them off. So within hours of its release Alaoui has been able to resign his custom firmware to look like the official firmware to PSN.

Sorry Sony. You lost the war. The only way out of this is to change out the hardware, so you might want to release the PS4 soon. And this time, if you give people features DO NOT remove them after purchase. You’re in this mess because you took Other OS away from the folks who have the skill to pick your locks. Those people do not do it for piracy, their actions just have the side effect of enabling it. If you give them a sandbox to play in (i.e. Other OS) they won’t bother trying to break your security.

I predict you won’t learn from your mistakes, though.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
George Santayana

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