Japan has been going crazy and handing out codes for Pokemon that can only be obtained through the Password functionality. Many of them came when you pre-ordered the game, but can still be used even if you didn’t pre-order the game. Below is the list of newly releasedĀ PokemonĀ and their passwords. Also, check out here to get the passwords for Snivy, Gallade, Oshawott and Zoroark and check out here to get the password for Tornadus.


Thundurus: 2751-4887

Tepig: 1906-5834

Victini: 7267-3443

Pikachu: 6715-6555

Groudon: 7415-3319

Dialga: 9752-8353

Gliscor: 7442-3671

Stunfisk: 4000-2108

Eelektross: 1562-5492

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