If your thinking of buying any WiiWare or DSiWare as christmas presents Official Nintendo Magazine has announced the complete lineup of Christmas day releases.

The Mystery of Whiterock Castle (WiiWare, 700 Wii Points)
An adventure game set at the Medieval Whiterock Castle. Explore the castle as you search for a princess and various objects. Single player, Versus, and Co-Op modes available.

TV Show King 2 (WiiWare, 800 Wii Points)
A TV-style quiz show. 4 player local, or online. Player made quizes can be produced and traded through Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The game itself comes with 8,000 questions.

Rayman (DSiWare, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)
A remake of the 1995 PlayStation platform adventure. Save the world from the evil Mr Dark. Checkpoints are reached by taking pictures of yourself with the DSi camera A map on the touch screen will warn you of traps.

A Little Bit of… Magic Made Fun: Mind Probe (DSiWare, 200 Nintendo DSi Points) Use the built-in microphone to determine player preferences by Voice stress analysis or use it as a lie detector.

Art Academy First Semester (DSiWare, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)
A painting and Drawing tutorial game. After you get good at the game it will challenge you to recreate the creations of master artists like Dürer and Cézanne. A Free Paint mode is included as well as the ability to upload your works to Facebook or share directly with other DSi’s.

Sparkle Snapshots (DSiWare, 500 Nintendo DSi Points) Adds more options to the built in DSi picture editor. Also allows uploads straight to Facebook.

And last and but not least I fucking hate Nintendogs Tamagotchi’s

Me And My Dogs: Friends Forever (DSiWare, 800 Nintendo DSi Points)
Essentially a Nintendogs clone.

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  • I walked into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I looked with a grimace at the questionable video “game” that had been placed in front of me. Of course I’d never be able to tell this virtual monster how disgusted I was with having to cook, play, and clean up it’s excrement. But somehow I think it knew. It was always full of energy and life, but lately I had begun to grow more aware of its presence as it insisted on beeping at me every 30 seconds. The bright, exuberant eyes that it once had were now beginning to grow dull and listless with the long fatigue of a weary life caused by my lack of giving a shit, and general enjoyment at watching it slowly die of hunger as I refused to feed it. It cried , it begged, and yet nothing this pitiful creature could do could sway me from my mission. The Tamagotchi had to be destroyed for the good of humanity. If allowed to live they would eventually mutate spawning all sorts of unspeakable horrors. They could one day stop looking like monsters. They could blend in, camouflage themselves as innocent creatures like dogs and horses. No one would see the evil they were a party too until it was to late. No it must stop here. I must not fail.

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