Nintendo-logo-21The recently released financial report from Nintendo revealed that the Wii U is struggling to sell worldwide. In the last quarter, Nintendo’s newest console only moved 160,000 units. By comparison, the original Wii moved 210,000 consoles. Despite this, Nintendo managed to maintain a profitable quarter thanks to their juggernaut 3DS moving 1.4 million units last quarter. Almost one million of those 3DS units were 3DS XL units.

Combined digital and physical software sales for the three systems show similar trends as the Wii sold over three times as many games as the WiiU and the 3DS sold over 10 times the volume of titles. Helping lead the way, Animal Crossing: New Leaf broke the five million sales barrier, with 1.19 million of the sales coming from outside of Japan.

Nintendo managed to garner over eight billion yen (roughly $88 million) in profit for the quarter, a good change of pace for the company, which lost 17 billion yen over the same span last year.

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