Preorders have opened up at NIS America’s online store for the newest series in their catalog, Wagnaria!!. Along with the DVDs and art books that accompany NIS America’s other anime releases, this one will include a set of pins with the character’s pictures on them. Entitled the “Fabulous Flare Set,” the whole series will run you $47.99 and is due out for release March 22nd.

The series released in Japan last year under the title Working!! and runs thirteen episodes. NIS America’s release will feature the Japanese vocals with English subtitles only; so dub-only fans are out of luck. However, if you don’t mind subtitles, the series can be pretty funny at times and worth checking out. We’ll try to have a review up of the series as close to the release as we can!

Set in a family restaurant in Hokkaido, the northern prefecture of Japan, 16 year old high school student Sota Takanashi works part-time along with his strange co-workers: Popura Taneshima, a high school girl who’s a year older than Sota, yet easily mistaken for an elementary/middle schooler, and Kyoko Shirafuji, the 28-year old store manager who doesn’t bother to do any work at all. WAGNARIA!!’s crazy cast will have you head over heels with laughter from the first episode!

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