nis-america-logoThis past weekend, NIS America rolled out five new announcements: three from their anime department and two more from the games side.

Following up on the recently released season two of Hanasaku Iroha, NIS America announced the follow-up movie Hanasaku Iroha: Home Sweet Home. The movie continues the story from the first two seasons, following Ohana and the rest of the Kissuiso Inn staff. The movie also delves more into the past, showing some of the events that made Ohana’s mother act so coldly towards the rest of her family. Our season two review is forthcoming, but you can read our season one review.

Brave 10, which NIS America first announced early last year, has received an official release date. The series follows ten brave warriors with mystical powers and ninjutsu training. The series is set in the Japanese Warring States period, and centers on the battles between Ieyasu Tokugawa and Yukimura Sanada. The release will hit shelves on October 8th, with all of the NIS America premium edition trimmings, including a hardcover artbook and collectible slipcase.

The third announcement is a totally new license for the House of the Prinny: Genshiken: Second Season. Called “Second Season“, the series is actually the third season of Genshiken anime. The new series, airing now in Japan, follows a new group of students at the Society for the Study of Visual Culture, a group of otaku whose passions range from anime to computer games to cosplay and more. Anime Works (a division of Media Blasters) holds the rights to the first two seasons of Genshiken, which ran in 2004 and 2007.

On the games side of things, NIS America announced Demon Gaze and DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, both for the PlayStation Vita. Demon Gaze, from Kadokawa Games, is set in the same world as Students of the Round but takes place thousands of years in the future. The main character Oz finds himself in Misreda, a cursed land covered in labyrinths, and unable to remember parts of his past. Oz must explore the dungeons before him to find artifacts, which he can sell to make a living, all the while hoping he finds some clues to his past.

The other release, DanganRonpa, was developed for PSP by Spike (prior to their merge with Chunsoft). The mystery adventure title takes players to Hope’s Peak Academy, where Makoto Naegi and friends find themselves trapped in their school. A murderous bear named Monokuma pits the students against each other, daring them to kill each other for a chance to be free. DanganRonpa has similar progression to Ace Attorney games in that each chapter is broken into three sections: exposition, investigation, and debate/trial. The game has been adapted into an anime series that recently debuted and has been licensed by Funimation.

Check back for more info on the new licenses soon, including game screenshots and pictures of the Brave 10 collector’s edition!

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