Kotaku snagged the sales numbers for this week in Japan, and the three big, new RPG releases finished first, second, and fourth respectively with New Super Mario Bros. Wii hanging on to third. True to form in Japan, the DS remake of Dragon Quest VI crushed the competition, selling 906,000 copies. End of Eternity (coming to North America as Resonance of Fate) for the PlayStation 3 came in second at a mere 118,000 (with an additional 27,000 on the XBox 360) while the fanservice fest that is Ar Tonelico III, also on PS3, debuted in fourth with 82,000 copies sold.

If it wasn’t apparently already when Dragon Quest IX already shatted Japanese sales records last year, Japan loves Dragon Quest. Certainly, the fact that both recent titles have been released on the Nintendo DS rather than PSP or a console have helped bolster sales as well, but for a remake to sell 6 times as many copies as any other title in a given week is still pretty astounding. Dragon Quest VI is the third and final title in the Zenithian trilogy, and first appeared on the Super Famicom in 1995.

No set date has been announced for Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie nor for Ar Tonelico III in North America. Resonance of Fate is scheduled for a March 9th release in North America, which is unfortunately, the same day that Final Fantasy XIII comes out.

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