The G.A.M.E.S. Blog is looking for quality writers to cover gaming, anime, and manga! If you’re interested, just send a completed version of the application below to jobs[at]the-games-blog[dot]com. Please put “Writer Application” and the position you’re applying for in the subject line or we won’t be able to find your message to respond!

Once we receive your application, we’ll review it and contact you to set up a short interview via Skype or Google+ hangout. Currently, positions are not paid on a regular basis; however, small bonuses and/or review copies may be given based on productivity and availability.

We’re currently hiring for the following regular staff positions:

News Recap Writer – Anime/Manga
News Recap Writer – Electronics
Features Writer – Anime/Manga

Specific job duties for news recap writers:

-Write timely, informative, and entertaining (though still objective!) weekly news recaps from press releases and other sources  (example recaps)
-Perform follow-up and background research on stories as necessary, including contacting PR departments for various companies
-Write news recap on a weekly basis for publishing during weekend

Specific job duties for features writers include:

-Write informative, thought-provoking, and/or humorous articles about the game/anime/manga industry
-Write a minimum of 1 feature per week with set deadlines (e.g., drafts due Saturday and publish every Monday)
-Perform background research and interviews on feature topics as necessary

Required skills:
-Strong grasp of English grammar and style
-Excellent time management skills, preferably experience working with deadlines on a regular basis
-Well-developed communication and interpersonal skills
-Ability to accept constructive criticism and make revisions (Every article is edited before it gets published!)

Recommended skills:
-Knowledge of WordPress and image manipulation software
-Previous journalism experience a plus!
-Knowledge of current events and dynamics in the game/anime/manga industry

At the end of your email, write a paragraph about the strangest anime you’ve seen or game you’ve played. That way, we’ll know you read the whole posting and didn’t skip straight to the application!

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to the email address above, as well.

Application for positions at The G.A.M.E.S. Blog

Location (State for US, province for Canada, or country otherwise):

Background questions:

-Do you have access to Skype or Google+ video/audio chat? (If so, please include your username so we can contact you!)

-Do you have any experience with WordPress? (If so, describe your experience.)

-Do you have experience with image editing software? (If so, which programs?)

-Do you have prior journalism experience? If so, please provide links, scanned images, files, or some other form of samples. This may count toward your writing samples below.

-What gaming systems do you currently own?

-What are your favorite gaming/anime/manga genres?

-What are your top five favorite games/anime/manga?

-How much time can you commit to working for the site each week?

-Are you currently working at a game/anime/manga company or other media site? If so, which?

-For which positions would you like to be considered and why?

Writing samples: Please provide three samples of your writing on any topic, though if you have something on games/anime/manga, that will be helpful. A variety of types (long form vs. short form, opinion vs. objective, etc.) would be helpful, as well. If you’re applying for multiple positions, you only need to submit three samples total.

For feature candidates: Please provide 3 sample pitches for articles that you could and would like to write within the next three weeks. Include a potential title, 160-character summary, and at least three keywords/tags for each piece. (Keep in mind that even reviews writers are expected to contribute to news and features when they aren’t working on a review!)

For news candidates: Upon receipt of your application, we’ll send you a press release. Please write up a sample news article (complete with title, 160-character summary, and at least three tags) and send it back to us within 24 hours or less.

Please send all applications to jobs[at]the-games-blog[dot]com.

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