pandorastowerlogoToday, Xseed released a new trailer for Pandora’s Tower, the final game of the trio which spawned the Operation Rainfall movement. The trailer, shown below, centers on three characters: Elena, Mavda and Aeron. Elena is a young singer who is bridled with a nasty curse, and Mavda knows of the cure. The gallant Aeron sets forth to get the cure, which requires him to obtain the flesh of the “twelve masters.” Interestingly, time is a factor inĀ Pandora’s Tower, as the longer you take to complete the game, the worse Elena’s curse becomes, affecting the game’s ending.

Arguably developer Ganbarion’s most notable release in North America, the long-awaited Pandora’s Tower will come stateside next month on the Wii. Xseed did not provide much else in the way of details, but keep checking back for more info and trailers as release day nears.

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