KingdomHeartsRemixScreenshotSquare Enix might not have announced any new games at the PS4 press conference, but that didn’t stop them from announcing one today... kind of. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX will be coming to North American PlayStation 3 consoles this fall. The HD remake collection includes both Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. This is the first time the Final Mix version of the original game has been available outside of Japan. Along with the two games, cinematics from Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will also be included on-disc.

While fans of the Disney-SE crossover series have been long awaiting the true Kingdom Hearts 3 sequel, some fans might consider this a nice consolation while they wait. This is also a good chance for those who haven’t played any of the games to get an introduction to the series.

Square Enix hasn’t set an exact date yet, so check back here for more information about the release here and at Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts website.

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  • I know I’m going to buy this, enjoy it, and be happy to finally get KH Final Mix, but this really could’ve been so much more awesome. Cutscenes from 358/2 Days? Excessive amounts of sea salt ice cream aside, that game has a good story, and I would have bought a full-blown remake if they made the actual gameplay less annoying. I suppose we’ll have to wait for 2.5 ReMix to see HD remakes of KH2 or BBS, then? And maybe after that we’ll finally get KH3, unless there are a bunch of other side stories they have yet to tell.

    End rant.

      • @Dan Furnas

        Remember, we also need to see another game on the Ouya. And of course, KH3 will need you to have the Vita to control the actual game, which runs on the PS4.


        But Jen… ICE CREAM!

        Seriously though, as someone who hasn’t played a KH game, and only has the first one, this HD remix is a load of crap, compared to other ones I’ve bought (the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection set the bar high)

        • @Shaan Joshi

          Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if this HD collection is just Square’s half-baked (not to mention trollish) attempt to be able to say that KH actually had a title on the PS3 at all. 😛

          As far as ice cream goes…you don’t understand. They go to the top of the clock tower at sunset *every freakin’ day* to eat the *same flavor* of ice cream! At the end of EVERY mission. It’s like a running gag that gets lame really fast.

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