You turn on the power, the little light comes on and the word “Pokémon” pops up on the tiny screen of your Gameboy while the distinctive music plays for the main menu. Did you feel that? That was the hair on the back of your neck rising from the sense of nostalgia that just passed through your entire being. You remember the rush of choosing your very first Pokémon and going out on a life changing adventure, all while sitting on your couch.

Nintendo is attempting to bring that same nostalgia through the new Pokémon Origins anime, based off of the original Red and Blue games. Unlike the first TV adventures of Ash Ketchum, Pokémon Origins is a more faithful adaptation from the games. It follows the adventures of Red, a young boy who begins his Pokémon journey with his newly acquired Charmander. His main goal is to explore the Kanto region, capture all the known Pokémon and become the Pokémon League Champion in the process. Along the way he must defeat his rival Blue (or Green in Japan), fight different gym leaders and stand toe-to-toe with Team Rocket. Basically if you have played Red and Blue, and let’s face it, you probably have, then you already know the story to Pokémon Origins because it’s the exact same plot, except you can’t name the characters yourself.

The anime is split into four episodes which detail all the exploits of Red from getting his Charmander to fulfilling his ultimate dream. Origins has already been released in Japan as of October 2 and will be streamed internationally through Nintendo’s Pokémon TV service starting November 15.

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