A slew of rumors about Sony’s next handheld have emerged this week, and we’re doing our best to collect them. Kotaku reported earlier this week that the second generation of Sony’s portable gaming system could hit stores as early as next fall, but there are plenty of other details to go around.

First and foremost, what’s most important to gamers: how to get the games. The PSP2 won’t have a UMD drive, the new system will still support digital distribution, but Sony has not announced whether there will be a different disc system. Sony has not yet clarified whether the PSP2 will be backwards compatible with digital titles, but it will clearly not support the PSP’s UMD games. There are also rumors that the system will incorporate other features including an e-reader.

The new system will feature dual analog thumbsticks and a touch-sensitive pad on the rear of the handheld. The screen will also be about 1 inch larger than the current model and will supposedly display in HD; though Sony has not disclosed resolution yet.

Sony is also touting that the PSP 2 will have some impressive hardware for a portable system. If the rumors are to be believed, the new system will also feature a much faster chip (no speed disclosed yet) and 1 GB of RAM, twice the amount found in an XBox 360. For comparison, the current PSP has a 333 MHz chip and 64 MB of RAM.

Assuming everything holds true in production (though I’m sure something is bound to change, since these are rumors), what do you think? What would you pay for a handheld like this?

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