Before You even Say it Dan “That’s What She Said!” 😛


Cyanide and Happiness – “Guess What Day It Is!?”

What a way to go. – Sea lion dies of sex exhaustion

It wasn’t Aliens……..Stoned wallabies make crop circles

Awesomepedia – Inner Animal – 10 Gaming Gadgets That Will Make Us Hurt Ourselves. Including WiiBowling Ball Controllers. – My Confused Erection Could use an Explanation….and What Would Zombie Hitler Do?

The Lay Scientist – Top Ten… Bizarre Parasite Photos – What do you want out of your investments?

I could think of Much less painful ways to commit suicide.

Tasty Finger

Paper Toys for Kids and Adults

The Discerning Gentleman’s Guide to Gangbang Etiquette

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  • Dan Chi Sao

    Dammit. I was about to skip through the article just to write “That’s what she said,” too.

    Also, fucking eye worms. I was eating dinner. I should have just skipped to the sexy cosplay.

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