We’re proud to announce our first giveaway in a very long time here at The G.A.M.E.S. Blog. We will be giving away a copy of Atelier Meruru: Apprentice of Arland! The contest officially starts right now and will run until June 15 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. The winner (chosen at random) of our giveaway will receive one (1) standard edition copy of Atelier Meruru for the PlayStation 3 as well as one (1) character art book featuring character sketches of most of the game’s main cast.

To enter, you simply have to comment on this post and tell us three things:

1) Who is your favorite character in the history of the Atelier series?

2)What is your favorite synthesis item?

3) What is your favorite Atelier game?

If you want to up your chances of winning, you can follow us on Twitter and tweet the following “Check out @thegamesblog’s #AtelierMeruru giveaway for a chance to win a free copy of the game! More details here. http://bit.ly/KqTjyI“. You can also follow us on Facebook and share and comment on our post there. Retweeting and sharing the Facebook post will net you one extra entry each, but even if you do that, you must still comment here on the site to be officially entered. Unfortunately, we can only allow residents of the U.S. and Canada to enter and win this contest, so please keep that in mind when you comment! And make sure that when you comment, you leave a valid email address in the email field. When we select the winner, that will be how we contact them! Don’t worry, we won’t share your email with anyone else.

Unsure if you want to give the game a whirl? Check out our review of Atelier Meruru!

Good luck and happy synthesizing!

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  • jajuan

    1) favorite character from the Atelier Series will have to be Rorona she is funny and cute. Sterk will have to be my favorite male character he is so cool.

    2) favorite synthesis item: Bomb lightning love to shock my foes

    3) Atelier totori is my favorite game and i just loved the new and returning characters and the art designs are so amazing that i often try to use that art style for reference and to make my characters stand out.

  • Robert

    1) Who is your favorite character in the history of the Atelier series?

    2)What is your favorite synthesis item?
    Satanic Force

    3) What is your favorite Atelier game?
    Cross – Edge

    • @Robert,

      You know, I really did enjoy Cross Edge more than my review scores showed (though you and I are in the minority, I think). That’s the one downfall of objective reviews.

  • Emily W.

    1) Picking a favorite character is difficult, the series is full of great characters. I’m going to go with Gotou from Mana Khemia 2.

    2) My favorite synthesis item is Living Pie. P-p-p-piiieeeeeee!

    3) Well, I still have a few to play, but I’m going to say I spent the most time on Rorona so far, so it’s my favorite until I play a better one ^_^.

  • Kenneth Thieu

    1) Meruru! She’s so KAWAII-DESU-DESU~~

    2) Living (ʳ ´º㉨º)ʳ PIE!

    3) Atelier Meruru. Actually gonna be my first Atelier game!

  • David LaBarge

    1. Cordy from Rorona/Totori (She’s just too awesome)
    2. Apple Pie mmmmmmm
    3. Rorona, it was my first game in the series and it hooked me into it immediately

  • jorel bello

    What is your favorite Atelier game ? atelier totori

    What is your favorite synthesis item ? healing salve

    Who is your favorite character in the history of the Atelier series ? Sterkenburg Cranach

    hope i win ^_^

  • Joshua

    My favorite game was Annie.
    My favorite character was also Annie.
    And to top it off my favorite Synth item was the shop sign from Rorona.

  • Jackie Corns

    I really liked Mimi, thusly Atlier Totori is my favorite and my favorite synth item is the Guardian Liquor! Pick me, pick me! 😉

  • angelXboy

    I like Totori, mainly because I find her pretty darn adorable

    I can’t exactly think of a favorite out of the top of my head in terms of synth item. But a favorite recurring item would be Lightning Quartz. Too darn powerful with the right properties!

    My favorite would be my first. Mana Khemia 1. Nikki and Flay is just too cool. Especially Flay. Flayvor of Evil!

  • Wenny

    1.Who is your favorite character in the history of the Atelier series? Totori! I just love how much I relate to her. Her story of trying to find her mother and adolescence really made me love the story more. She never gave up and is always determine.

    2)What is your favorite synthesis item?
    Dimension Egg. It’s very useful.

    3) What is your favorite Atelier game?
    Atelier Totori for sure.

  • Seraphy

    1)My favourite character would be Pamela since she appears in quite a few titles =P


    3)I’ve only played both Mana games, Atelier Annie, and, if it counts, Trinity Universe so my favourite would be Mana Khemia

  • Vijay Ganesan

    1) Flay. His ending in Mana Khemia 1 was easily one of my favorites, and as a character he was just overall badass. It’s characters like him that I feel should become role models to the rest of society.

    2) Time Stone Plate! Always the type of item I work towards. One that gives a ton of convenience once you get it.

    3) I’m pretty partial to Atelier Iris 2: AoD, but Mana Khemia was really enjoyable, and Mana Khemia 2 was pretty fun too.

  • Christian Marchese

    1) Probably gonna have to be Klein from Atelier Iris 1, or if I can choose a spinoff, definitely gotta be Anna Lemouri from Mana Khemia.

    2) Favourite synthesis item would definitely have to be the Super Nectar. It is just so useful, and even though it’s hard to make, it is always good to have one or two stocked up.

    3) I really liked how different Atelier Iris 2 felt amongst the Atelier Iris games, and I thoroughly enjoyed Mana Khemia 1&2, but I’d have to say my favourite would be Atelier Iris 1. The balance of Characters, story, humour, and wit just had me from start to finish. Again, if I had to pick a spinoff, it would have gone to Mana Khemia.

    Did I mention I like Mana Khemia?

  • Tony

    1) Who is your favorite character in the history of the Atelier series?


    2)What is your favorite synthesis item?

    pie! =D

    3) What is your favorite Atelier game?

    Atelier Totori

  • Timothy

    1) My favorite character from the Atelier Series would have to be Vayne from Mana Khemia 1. I have an almost fanatic obsession with main characters in general. Though he didn’t have the most exciting personality, I really enjoyed watching him struggle though his situation. His final decision in the normal end was really sad, yet at the same time I couldn’t help but admire him.

    2) My favorite synthesis item? That would be the heal jar or rather the first healing potion you make (the name changes between games). I like it because it often serves as a tutorial for the alchemy system in the games. Also it’s the easiest to make.

    3) My favorite game in the series would have to be Atelier Iris 3. Even though my favorite character in the series isn’t in it I still like a lot of the characters in the game. It was also the first Atelier Iris game I played. I really enjoyed the class system in the game and was a bit disappointed that it didn’t reappear. Mana Khemia 1 is another game that I really liked, but it was a bit too easy.

  • Doria M

    1. My favorite character is Sterk, the guy is totally cool, cute and in Totori his little complex with his age was adorable! I want a Sterk Plush so bad.

    2. My favorite item, is not something great, but its something useful and almost needed for every single thing! Those dumb supplements are my favorite item because every time I need to synthesize something, I am always short on those stinking supplements. Versatile in every way and made with absolutely nothing, I will make sure I always have at least 21!

    3. Totori is my favorite game, it had such a great story, and I love the humor. The time span was pretty good, especially coming out of Rorona I hated the time restraints.

  • chris

    I think my favorite character would be Norn (i think she had some trait based on eating things that was funny), its been a while so I cant remember exactly. Otherwise that blond shop keeper that had you collect things for her in Iris. I liked her attitude.

    For items I would rate the uni or other items with lots of combinations for the recipie as my favorite. The armor and weapons made from bread was a great suprise as well. The ones that allowed a lot of substitutions were great because they could have a large range of utility as you collected new things from later in the game.

    Id have to rate Iris as my favorite as it was my first introduction to the series and to a complex crafting system. I often found myself more driven to unlock more crafting recipies and refine them than anything else. The cumulative combinations and power you could get on things by working from the base level (and substituting in ingredients from later in the game) was an addicting form of discovery.

    Now I just have to try and scoop up a cheap ps3 so i can play the newer ones…

  • Angelina

    1) Who is your favorite character in the history of the Atelier series?
    Because Mana Khemia was the one who introduced me to the series, I will have to say Anna Lemouri. I loved her theme and her character. I got her ending the first time I played through Mana Khemia. (Second time was Roxis~) She was also a ninja! One of my best attackers since all of the other characters were too slow.

    2)What is your favorite synthesis item?
    The first healing item that changes with each game. Always start with the basics! Another fun one are the ultimate armors and weapons. They take FOREVER to make though cause you have to get all of these ingredients that are annoying to make in the first place. But when you finish them it is SO worth it.

    3) What is your favorite Atelier game?
    MANA KHEMIA! I love that game! When I play games I judge by game play. I mean you can always see a game’s cutscenes online. And man, Mana Khemia blew me away once I finished chapter 5. The combat was fun and easy to grasp and so was the alchemy.

  • Fai Fung

    1) My favorite character in the atelier series would have to be Sterkenburg Cranach because I love his special skill and the way it spells seems so awesome. Totori and Mimi is also my favorite character too because they are the cutest girls and they are funny

    2)My favorite synthesize item would be the travel gate because its the best thing to save time from traveling.

    3) My favorite atelier game would have to be Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

  • rena ☆

    1) my favorite character is zeldalia from atelier iris eternal mana. i wish she hard a larger role in the game. for more playable characters, i would say lita.

    2) my favorite synthesized item is the water of lethe that meyna needs you to create in atelier iris grand fantasm. this item reminds me of the underworld map veola needs you to create in atelier iris eternal mana. let’s just say i can relate.

    3) my favorite atelier game is atelier iris eternal mana. the atelier iris trilogy is my favorite as a whole.

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