Aksys Games has officially launched their site for Record of Agarest War without putting sausage girl on the front page (but that’s not going to stop me from posting her). The site provides many more details than their trailer and Naughty Edition promo video have. There are character descriptions, a brief blurb about the story and descriptions of some of the game mechanics including the “Soul Breed” system.

Via the Soul Breed system, your character will be able to select a female character from your team to have a child with, carrying the game through multiple generations of family. The choices made during battle and dialogue determine which females are available for you to select from, and the female you choose determines your child’s abilities during the next stage of the game.

There are also tabs on the site for a strategy and tips section and media. The strategy section will have tips and tricks in the future, but is currently empty. The media section, also empty, will house wallpapers, trailers, and more.

Record of Agarest War will be available on the PlayStation Network this spring (no date set) and in regular and Really Naughty Edition for XBox 360 on April 27, 2010.

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