Welcome to the latest Release Week Primer.  Here you will get a short description and when available, a trailer of the games released this week.  The majority of the release dates and descriptions are based on press releases given by the publishers.


Color Clash: Techno Tilt
iP (online), PC (online)
Tilt the screen and make avatars of similar color collide while avoiding objects with different color.

• Pseudo head tracking using the latest iPhone 4 gyroscope.
• 3D-graphics with bloom effect.
• Original, challenging and addictive gameplay.
• 75 levels spread across 15 worlds.
• Original soundtrack by Elias Wulcan aka Seven Pillars of Wisdom.


Battle vs. Chess

Already out on Xbox 360 and PS3. In Battle vs. Chess, The traditional white and black armies have evolved into an army of light with their brave knights in shining armor, pitted against the wicked dark army of demons and beastly golems. Each piece is intricately animated and as players move them around the board they spring into life, ready to wage war. If a square is occupied by an enemy unit, they enter into a brutal clash that sees the foe removed from the board in bloody combat.

Another evolutionary element Battle vs Chess brings to the arena is the addition of the optional Action Mode. If selected, instead of entering a scripted animation when attacking, players challenge their opponent in a beat-‘em-up style encounter. Using a variety of weapons, fighting techniques and combos, players must best their opponent in a fast-paced flurry of blows and special moves.
Campfire Legends – The Hookman
Mac, PC
Uncover the story-behind-the-story from one of the scariest tales ever in Campfire Legends – The Hookman, a Hidden Object Adventure game of darkness, shadows and frights!

It starts with a ransacked mountain cabin and mysterious clues. Only with nerves of steel and a clear mind can you find life-saving objects and solve challenging puzzles that will aid your quest for safety. Can you escape the Hookman and make it out alive?

Mac, PC
Lost, alone, and stricken with amnesia, you suddenly find yourself on a strange island. Who are you? How did you get here? What powerful secret is the island hiding? And, how will you get home? Explore a lush landscape teeming with exotic life. Solve three different types of hidden object challenges, and decipher a brain-twisting series of puzzles by using the objects you find.


* Search for objects and answers in over 15 lush landscapes
* Use the items you find to solve puzzles and unravel the mystery
* Follow a thrilling and immersive story
Get Fit With Mel B
During the game, users can create their profile and select their goals. This will give them a complete fitness and nutritional plan adapted to their own personal needs.

Experts at Fitness First have worked with Mel B to devise the perfect home workout. With a choice of more than 199 tailored exercises, 6 types of aerobics disciplines (dance fit, cardio, advanced cardio, step, pump and tone and combat) and a nutritional program with 6 different meal plans with 140 recipes, “Get Fit With Mel B” finally offers people a professional workout and healthy customized eating plan in the comfort of their own homes.

The user friendly approach delivered by the exclusive body detection system and camera-based controls will bring you directly into the screen and allow you to train alongside Mel B, who will deliver her real-time advice and feedback, to help keep you motivated and achieve those results, while playing a game!
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/get_fit_with_mel_b_trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]


Lost In Shadow
In Lost In Shadow, players are confronted with a mysterious Tower in an alternative world. The Tower is filled with moving shadows yet at the same time, casts a large shadow on everything beneath it. With the help of a winged sylph known as “Spangle,” players can move lights in the foreground to create new shadowy walkways to previously inaccessible areas. Unaffected by gravity while traveling through this medieval landscape, the shadow boy solves mysteries and fights off enemies who stand in his way. The game’s combination of light, shadow, background and foreground creates a unique blend of novel gameplay features, morphing landscapes and artistic visuals.
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/lost_in_shadow_trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]
Family Feud Decades
Family Feud Decades challenges players with thousands of authentic survey questions from four different eras (70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s). The game features the true-to-TV show sets from all four decades.
* 2500 plus survey questions for high replay value, 2 game modes: Single Player and Party Mode, and 3 difficulty levels to ensure fun for all!
* Customize your avatar, including body, face, hair and more. Personalize your look with hippie, disco, punk, grunge or other distinctive wardrobe items.
* User-friendly gameplay via helper tools to keep fun flowing without interruption. Includes spell checker, synonyms comparison and word shortcuts.
* Unlock bonus items to reward progress in the game.
Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of Osborne House
Help the worlds most favorite detective solve the case.
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Sherlock-Holmes-and-The-Mystery-of-Osborne-House-Trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]


PS3 (PSN), Xbox 360 Arcade
In MicroBot, players battle malicious enemies as they travel through veins, bones, lungs and brain. The rhythms and fluids of the human body create a dynamic environment that affects movement and gameplay, providing both combat advantages and additional hazards to overcome. Just as each human body is unique, MicroBot dynamically creates new levels to ensure that the challenge is different every time gamers play.

As players eradicate the biotechnological infestation, they will harvest data fragments which allow them to unlock over 20 pieces of upgradable microtechnology. Using this newly acquired technology, players can strategically customize their MicroBot with powerful weapons, defensive systems, movement parts, and special abilities. With millions of possible configurations, players can build a MicroBot to suit any style of play.

Players can take on the infection together by teaming up in a cooperative drop-in/drop-out multiplayer experience. Not only will players battle side-by-side, but they can also upgrade their MicroBots simultaneously in the innovative co-op editor, where they work together to create the ultimate MicroBot team.

[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Microbot-Trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]
In ilomilo, the two friends ilo and milo always seem to get separated from each other and it’s your task to help them reunite! It’s a world of cubes out there, where up is down and down is up. Some cubes are friendly and can be picked up, while others are more rebellious and walk about on their own accord. The two friends need to find ways to cooperate to be able to finally unite again!

You can also play ilomilo together with a special someone in cooperative mode. Cozy up on your couch with your friend, girlfriend, mom or someone else that you like and help guide each other through the puzzles! The journey of ilomilo will take you through four unique and twisted worlds filled with strange animals and cube-creatures.

• Singleplayer Story taking you through 4 different environments in the world of ilomilo
• Cooperative Gameplay mode for two players, controlling one character each!
• Unlockable Raskulls and Keflings costumes for ilo and milo
• Two cool Avatar awards, including ilo and milo toys!
• Famous cameo characters from other games are hidden in the world for players to find
• Online Leaderboards: Compare online who has completed the levels in the cleverest way
• Unlockable mini game: Play the ingenious retro 2D mini game “ilomilo shuffle” with its own competitive leaderboard

StarDrone is a high-speed action thriller with a mix of arcade action, pinball, breakout, physics and collect-the-objects. It is created for PlayStation®Move motion controller and supports HDTV and stereoscopic 3D. The game features over 50 levels of unparalleled gaming experience and extraordinary replay value.

Cause your attackers to crash with rapid speed while collecting gems and power-up enhancements. Overcome perilous hazards and elude zillions of enemies in an effort to complete each stage with a record score. With simple gesture controls and unique, intuitive game play mechanics, StarDrone is friendly to beginners, at the same time challenging enough to bring you back for more and more.
Emergency 2012
EMERGENCY 2012 is the latest installment in the classic series of rescue games. The first part appeared in 1998, and since then the series has been continued with growing success.

In EMERGENCY 2012 for PC, the player acts as a dispatcher in gripping rescue missions. Get a wrecked car out of the way fast, have firefighters advance to the source of a blaze, secure a crash site and, at the same time, get medical help to those injured – if you have always wanted to direct fire services, police, technical relief units and medics all at once, the rescue simulation EMERGENCY 2012 is just the game for you.

The player is the officer in charge of everything and sees to it that all vehicles and helpers are in the right place, doing the right thing at the right time. This is where the strong real-time strategy element of EMERGENCY 2012 sets in. The player must make clever use of vehicles and personnel such as police officers and rescue dog handlers in order to bring everything back under control following a disaster. Once all victims have been whisked away to safety, the player gets to enjoy the feeling of having saved the day. In addition to the numerous missions, EMERGENCY 2012 also offers extensive free-play and multi-player options.

[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Emergency-2012-Trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]

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