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Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1

iTunes, WiiShop, PSN, Live Arcade

If you miss the old style Sonic games then your in luck. The game is a 2.5D side-scrolling platformer. Players will control Sonic the Hedgehog, using mechanics such as the original spin dash and power-ups including Speed Shoes, alongside the homing attack, seen in 3D Sonic games. Online leader boards are available to check out you best ime vs. the world. Special Stages based on those of the original Sonic the Hedgehog require the player to tilt the playing field in order to navigate Sonic through a maze. These sections can be optionally played with motion controls on the Wii and Playstation 3 versions of the game. The iOS version of the game can be controlled with either the accelerometers, or a virtual d-pad. There will also be two additional levels that make use of the device’s accelerometers. Episode 1 has four main zones; Splash Hill, Lost Labyrinth, Casino Street and Mad Gear. Each zone contains three acts followed by a boss battle, which are similar to boss battles from older Sonic games.
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PES 2011 (Pro Evolution Soccer)

PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, X360, Wii
Soccer game from Konami.  Features:

  • 360-degree passing ratio
  • Shot & Stamina Gauge details the player’s exact level of fitness. Constantly sprinting will affect the player’s movements and will have an adverse affect on his stats, with passes going awry and a loss of pace.
  • Stadium Editor: The stadium editor will allow you to create your own stadiums. You will be able to choose capacity (between 1,000-100,000), seat colours, edit the adboards and hoardings, edit the turf style and many other features.
  • Feint settings: PES 2011 allows users to map their favourite move sequences to the right stick, making them more accessible.
  • Master League Online: Master League will offer an all-new challenge, as users are invited to try their hand against other managers online. PES 2011 will mark the online debut for its much-loved Master League element, with players bidding against each other for the world’s best players, and attempting to build a squad that can compete with the best against online peers all over the globe.

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PS3, X360
A tactical action-adventure game, Enslaved centers on the complex relationship between the two main characters and challenges players to employ a mix of combat, strategy and environment traversal.

Enslaved is a story set 150 years in the future where a global war has ravaged the Earth. In this future, nearly all of the entire human race has been eradicated, but robots still plague the land. Although they are from a bygone era, they are still following their orders to eradicate the humans. The storyline is loosely based on the ancient Chinese novel Journey to the West.

More than 150 years in the future, the world has transformed into an unrecognizable state where all that remains are a dwindling human population and merciless robots left over from wars long past. In Enslaved, players take on the role of Monkey, a strong and brutish loner, and his AI partner Trip, a technologically savvy but sheltered young woman from a peaceful community. Both become captured by a mysterious slave ship, which are rumored to harvest people and take them out west never to return. As they each attempt to escape, Trip realizes quickly that Monkey, with his raw strength and power, is the only hope she has of making the perilous journey back home. She hacks into a slave headband to enslave Monkey and link them together – if she dies, he dies. Her journey has now become his.
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Front Mission Evolved


In the future, the world is a changed place. Technology has advanced. Countries have merged into massive geopolitical blocks. But one thing, sadly, remains the same – humanity’s appetite for war. When a terrorist attack destroys one of the U.C.S.’s prized orbital elevators, the military is mobilized to eliminate the threat.  Dylan Ramsey, a young engineer, finds himself quickly caught in a swirl of destruction, conspiracies and crumbling alliances.  Choose from dozens of weapons and parts, including weapons that can be equipped on both hands and shoulders, to customize your wanzer and blast your way to victory.


  • Choose from dozens of weapons and parts, including weapons that can be equipped on both hands and shoulders to build a war machine suited to any play style.
  • Equip weapons ranging from standard-issue machine guns to high-powered rifles and heavy-hitting, shoulder-mounted rocket launchers to administer widespread destruction.
  • Optimize wanzer mobility for any type of terrain with specialized leg parts.
  • Trash enemies in single-player mode or enter the online battlefield – solo or in a team – and match skills against other players fielding their own, highly customized wanzers.

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Shattered Horizon


Man is back on the Moon and the companies that took him there are reaping huge profits. Their greed soon leads to the largest mining accident in history, when an explosion throws billions of tons of rocky debris into near-Earth space. Fragments of the Moon settle around the Earth and become known as the Arc.  With Earth surrounded by debris there’s little chance of rescue or return. Survivors on the Moon are forced into conflict with those trapped on the battered International Space Station. Control of the Arc means the difference between survival and death in the cold of space.

Shattered Horizon is a multiplayer first-person shooter where players fight in zero gravity surrounded by the broken remains of orbital infrastructure and billions of tons of rocky debris thrown into orbit by a huge explosion on the Moon. With simple and intuitive controls players have complete freedom of movement, making full use of the distinctive environment to control the battle.
Stunning lighting effects and zero gravity physics give the look and feel of real space.


WRC FIA World Rally Championship

PC, PS3, X360


The World of WRC. The official locations, the official cars, the official drivers and co-drivers. Everything is designed to give the player the sensation of taking part in the real championship as they race against their heroes.
• Huge career mode creates ultimate satisfaction when the player wins the championship after a long and challenging road to the top!
• Unique offline and online game modes
• 13 different locations around the world
• Realistic physics model
• Advanced car tuning that allows players to find the best settings for every single stage
• Breathtaking graphics for drivers, co-drivers, cars, tracks and environments
• Visually stunning car damage effects
• Full 3D cockpit and dashboards

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ArcaniA: Gothic 4

PC, X360

War covers over the Southern Islands like a blood-drenched shroud… and finally, War reaches the idyllic isle of Feshyr in the Southern Seas. The protagonist of Arcania – Gothic 4 returns from an adventure to find his home town pillaged and looted. The aggressors’ ships – with an Eagle displayed on their billowing sails – escape over the horizon.

Seeking revenge, the hero leaves the destroyed city behind and soon realizes that this cowardly attack did not just happen on a reckless mercenary’s whim. An evil power lies waiting at the threshold of this world, and our hero will need to face this nameless evil. Yet the hero is not alone – his fate is linked to that of a beautiful, mysterious lady as well as a powerful artifact from the long-forgotten distant past, which plays a major role in the grandiose new RPG adventure.

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Sengoku BASARA Samurai Heroes

PS3, Wii

Fight your way through hundreds of enemies across many exciting battlefields using cool combos and over-the-top special moves until all heroes have gathered at the decisive battle of Sekigahara.

  • Features more than a dozen playable samurai heroes, each with their own unique battle styles.
  • Upgradeable weapons allow players to improve or add special abilities.
  • Battle against Gigantic enemy weapons such as The Rising Sun, Tiger, Drillatron and Death Carriage.
  • Team up with a friend in offline co-op play to crush opponents.
  • Dramatic “Heroes’ Story” mode alters history based on the player’s decisions.


EverQuest® House of Thule™


I have to say I am surprised that EverQuest is still around.

New Expansion Features and Additions:

  • +5 Level Increase – Achieve a New Max Level of 90 and set a new standard of gameplay
  • More than 800 AAs – Elevate your power and abilities beyond the norm
  • In-game Housing Addition – Make your permanent mark on the world! Collect and display treasured items
  • New Housing Trophy System – Display your trophies and receive statistical benefits
  • Hundreds of new housing items to decorate your house to your own style
  • 18 Raids – Collect valuable rewards from all new adventures
  • 13 Zones – Be the first to discover untouched lands of Norrath
  • 450+ Spells – Exponentially add to your caster’s arsenal
  • 17 Missions – Experience intriguing lore and immersive Missions
  • 120+ Quests – Challenge your skills and gather useful loot
  • Inventory increase – Indulge the packrat in you and collect even more game goodies

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Just Dance 2


Just Dance is a music video game.  It is similar to the Dance Dance Revolution games in which players use the Wii Remote and attempt to mimic the on-screen silhouette dancer. Players earn points depending on what moves they perform and how well they perform them.

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Medal of Honor

PC, PS3, X360

A reboot of the Medol of Honor series of modern war games.

Operating under the National Command Authority, a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors is called on when the mission must not fail. They are the Tier 1 Operators. There are more than 2 million Americans who proudly wear the uniform, of which some 50,000 fall under the Special Operations Command. The Tier 1 Operator functions on a plane above and beyond even this select group. Their exact numbers, while classified, are believed to be in the low hundreds. They are living, breathing, precision instruments of war. They are experts in the application of violence.

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NARUTO Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2

PS3, X360

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2 faithfully recreates the anime series and envelops players into the mythical world of ninja with new expansive environments, missions, battle systems and gameplay modes. While there are two sides to every story, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2 has three. Encompassing the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN story arc, the game has a deep three-part story mode that have players living different as well as daring ninja lives through the eyes of Naruto, Sasuke and Jiraya.

With more than 40 characters to choose from, engaging in bigger and more epic cinematic boss battles has never been this explosive. The game will also deliver a new and improved Support Character system which allows players to link jutsus for wild ninja punishment and awards compatibility bonuses according to the strategic selection of ally recruits. To provide a true ultimate experience, NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 2 will also offer various online features where players can sharpen their skills or flex their fighting muscle to defeat rival ninja from around the world.

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Puzzler World 2011


  • Two modes of play: Enjoy the classic Challenge mode or test your skills in the all-new Master mode
  • Includes over 1000 brand-new brain-bending puzzles
  • Play all of your favourite puzzle types
  • Crossword, Wordsearch, Fitword, Silhouette, Pieceword, Hide & Seek, Backwords, Link-A-Pix, Codeword and Sudoku
  • Unlock the exciting bonus games
  • Hangman, Colour-In, Picture Pairs, Add Up, Chain Letters, Picture Quiz, Jigsaw, Missing Piece, Sum Up and Splitwords
  • You can now save your progress mid-puzzle with the all-new save feature
  • Earn Hint tokens during play to help you with any troublesome puzzles
  • Unlock rewards, in-game achievements and awesome player trophies
  • Handwriting Recognition – Teach the game your own unique writing style


Kirby’s Epic Yarn


Kirby’s first console platform game since the Nintendo 64™ days introduces an amazing new look based on animated yarn and a world of cloth and textiles. The creative approach is woven directly into the game play and allows the ever-morphing Kirby™ to take on a variety of new forms. A simultaneous two player mode will have players of all skill levels enjoying this one-of-a-kind experience.


  • The look of the world is stunning, but it’s also interactive. Pulling on stray threads might reveal hidden areas. When Kirby literally goes behind the scenes, the virtual fabric warps and bends to show his location.
  • Thanks to his versatile yarn composition, Kirby can take on a variety of forms both in his common actions and when he transforms into powerful vehicles. When Kirby dashes, he zips around as a car. In water, he turns into a submarine. At times he can even transform into a massive robotic tank, a UFO and other vehicles.
  • Two players can play through the entire game together.
  • Beads and collectible items are scattered throughout the environments for players to find.

[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Kirbys_Epic_Yarn-Trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]

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