Welcome to the latest Release Week Primer. Here you will get a short description and when available, a trailer of the games released this week. The majority of the release dates and descriptions are based on press releases given by the publishers. All dates are for North America unless other wise stated. More publishers are releasing to NA and EU simultaneously but not always. We will note differences in release dates when possible.

April 17, 2011

Mac, iP (online)
Like all good games, DEMINO is easy to learn but difficult to master, with that ‘just one more go’ factor. Simply match the end values one by one to link all the dominoes. But because you only get to see a handful of dominoes, you’ll need to plan ahead a little to avoid becoming BLOCKED.

* Simple touch interface, just tap tiles to play
* Help mode makes all valid moves wobble
* No frustrating time limits, play at your own speed
* Good balance of luck and strategy for ages 4-104
* Hi-res retina display support for iPhone 4G and new iPhone touch

Pixel Legions
Mob (online)
Take command of massive pixel armies on 48 unique and challenging battlefields. Full tactical control is at your fingertips; one touch and your forces will follow any path you choose. Flank enemy squads to tear through them, maneuver your way past savage bombing runs, smash through enemy lines with boosters and much more.

*48 levels, all with their own surprises and strategies.
*Innovative and tactical touch control.
*Stylish graphics, appropriate and accessible for all ages.
*Battle with up to eight armies and thousands of pixels at once.
*Utilize power pylons, boosters, push fields, immunity bombs and more.
*No base building, resource gathering, or endless tutorials. Get into the action in seconds!

April 18, 2011

We Sing Superstar Quiz
Available for free, musical superstars can put their knowledge to the test by answering as many music related questions as possible. The music policy remains ‘something for everyone’ with genres spanning 70s/80s, 90s, 00s Pop, Dance, R&B/Urban, Rock, Albums, Pop Luck, and the special We Sing group. With over 2,000 questions it will test any musical genius.

Players have three single-player modes to choose from, which include: We Sing Superstar Quiz, Classic Mode and Sudden Death, the further people get the harder the questions become. Musical arch enemies can be challenged in the Play and Pass multiplayer mode.
DS (online)
Hellokids is:
*Coloring and drawing using the Nintendo DSi stylus!
*More than 150 drawings for coloring in with 3 difficulty levels, including a “color containment” assistant.
*A Freehand Drawing mode with simple practical tools: several thicknesses of pen, automatic fill function, color palette, decorations, etc.
*Draw on a photo you yourself have taken, or a photo uploaded from the Nintendo DSi album…
*The possibility to save your own works to the album and send them to friends via Facebook!
Nanna’s Cats
iP (online)
NANNA’S CATS is a 3D defense tower game features with multi-cameras and lovely cartoon style. Each Cat has different magic skills to defeat various cute monsters. Players will be rewarded with unexpected gifts if they found special painted Easter egg which were hidden in monsters during Easter holidays.
Game Features
*3D defense tower strategy gameplay
*Classic / Challenge Game Modes
*Featured towers and related effect
*Funny magic cards & magic painted eggshells
Mega Man X
Wii (Virtual Console)
The future of Mega Man has arrived. Hundreds of years after his death, Dr. Light’s final creation is discovered. Released from his capsule by Dr. Cain, X is born into a future world where robot rebellions are a thing of the past. But when Dr. Cain tries to implement Dr. Light’s designs into a new series of Reploids, something goes horribly wrong. Now the future lies on the brink of destruction, and X must use all of his new found powers and abilities to hunt down the maverick Reploids and their leader, Sigma, before the human race is wiped from the planet.


April 19, 2011

PS3, X360
The Fancy Pants Adventures casts players in the role of the game’s hero – a hand-drawn stick figure named Fancy Pants Man who embarks on a mission to rescue his kidnapped sister, Cutie Pants. Sporting his trademark orange pants and a Mohawk, Fancy Pants Man begins his journey in Squiggleville, racing through unique open levels where he must defeat challenging enemies and overcome clever obstacles. Along the way, Fancy Pants will need to utilize a number of tricks and even unlock the ability to wield weapons in order to aid him on his quest to overcome the Pirates.
Majesty 2 Collection
A sumptuous gaming package, Majesty 2 Collection brings together Majesty 2, Kingmaker, Monster Kingdom and Battles of Ardania, along with the Kingmaker game editor enabling players to create their own missions. Also included is every item, quest, unit and building previously only available for purchase using the in-game store. This additional content includes new spells, weapons, units, heroes, buildings, quests and much more!

Mortal Kombat
PS3, X360
Driven by an all new graphics engine, the fan favourite Fatality is back and presented in more gory detail than ever before. In addition, Mortal Kombat introduces a number of new game-play features including tag team and the deepest story mode of any fighting game. Players can choose from an extensive line up of the game’s iconic warriors and challenge their friends in traditional 1 vs. 1 matches, or take on several new game modes.
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Mortal-Kombat-9_Shang_Tsung_Gameplay.flv width=545 height=307 /]
SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs
Control meets chaos when a SEAL team confronts a no-win situation. Thrown into an international catastrophe, the Ops Commander, Cullen Gray, attacks with expertise and tenacity. With only six days, the OpsCom must lead his team to capture a militant revolutionary aimed at destroying the world’s most vital waterway and disrupting the global economy.

The OpsCom leads a multinational force comprised of First Lieutenant Park Yoon-Hee (call-sign “45”), a South Korean covert operations specialist; Chief Petty Officer Dion Wells; Heavy Weapons Operator Eric Schweitzer; and Chung Kwan, a South Korean reconnaissance operative. The team is assisted by ORACLE, a surviving intelligence analyst aboard a crippled NATO carrier offshore.


*Rich cinematic experience supported by a strong contemporary narrative.
*Full PlayStation Move integration makes shooting intuitive and precise. Players can utilize weapon scope control to enable ultra-precise shots.
*Fight through 14 robust single-player missions over the course of a desperate six-day battle on the ground in Southeast Asia.
*Dynamic enemy AI exhibit advanced squad tactics that adjust to the team’s every move, ensuring that encounters are unique each time through the combat zone.
*New command system allows for quick contextual commands, enabling precise tactical control over the AI teammates. Players can additionally create their own custom maneuvers.
*Utilize real-time access to supporting air assets ranging from UAV surveillance drones to devastating aerial bombardments.
*New cover mode enables players to take defendable firing positions and allows cover barriers to be destroyed with heavy weapon fire and explosions.
*International Forces – The nationality of your character and teammates changes depending on your region.
*Active Armory – Scavenge enemy weapons to build your arsenal.
*Industry leading competitive multiplayer.
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Socom-4-Trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]

April 21, 2011

Operation Flashpoint: Red River
PS3, X360
Taking a small step into the future, Red River depicts a fictional conflict with contemporary geopolitical themes, which will unfold over three distinct acts in both single player and drop-in-drop-out co-operative play for up to four players online. Faced with new counter-insurgency combat and the returning threat of the Chinese PLA, players will feel the tension, brutality and carnage of modern conflict from the perspective of a marine fireteam on deployment in a hostile country, thousands of miles from home.

Building extensively on the successes of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, Red River brings wide-ranging advancements including a deeper narrative-led campaign, streamlined inventory and control system, a refined enemy and squad AI system, player class roles including customisable XP upgrades and loadout choice, close-quarters combat, new air support options and comprehensive tutorials.
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Operation-Flashpoint-Red-River-Trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]
Portal 2
PC, PS3, X360
Portal 2 will see players introduced to a host of fresh puzzles, devious new test chambers in never-before-seen areas of Aperture Science Labs and be reunited with GLaDOS, the occasionally murderous computer companion from the original Portal. The game’s all-new co-operative mode will feature its own unique campaign and characters, and will force players to both act and think together.
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Portal-2-Boots-Trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]

Tap The Frog
iP (online)
Tap The Frog is a reaction test game based on popular flash game “Click The Frog” with more than 1,000,000 people enjoyed it. Enhanced iOS version contains additional mini games and Game Center competition.

– Pack of unique, fun and tricky reaction mini games.
– Badges achievement system for pro players.
– More than 1,000,000 players!
– Danger! Highly addictive gameplay!
– Great fun guaranteed!
– More mini games to come…


April 22, 2011

Black Mirror 3
The story centres on the Black Mirror castle in Willow Creek, and surrounding areas, thus tracing its roots to the original Black Mirror. Players can explore a total of 62 different locations, some of which may be familiar to players of the original game, and all locations have a completely new graphical look. The story connects with the end of Black Mirror 2, and promises a deep, mysterious story, including two playable characters.

Driven by nightmares, plagued by the specter of murder
After his flight into the woods, Darren stands with a burning torch in his hand, and turns to look back at the blaze engulfing Black Mirror Castle. Confusion reigns…

A short time later, he barely reacts as the handcuffs are closed on his wrists. The police have arrested Darren as their main suspect, and subject him to extensive questioning. But Darren is numb to the events occurring around him, and he withdraws into a deep emptiness.

After three weeks of detention – and tormented by sleepless nights, nightmare-like visions, and the chilling specter of murder and death – Darren is set free. Darren is now alone. He must try to find out what has happened, and lift the veil on his clouded past.

What did he really see with those jet black eyes, what does the nightmare mean? Who is the mysterious person who posted bail and set him free? What dark force lies behind the tangled web of riddles, mysterious secrets and entwined relationships?
[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/blackmirror3_trailer.flv width=545 height=307 /]
Conduit 2
Building upon the success of the original, Conduit 2 takes players to the far reaches of the world to stop an alien invasion which can be fought in single-player, online multi-player battles, and all-new off and online co-op modes. Armed with advanced and powerful weapons, players can expect massive action in large, multi-tiered levels featuring dynamic environments, cinematic battles, giant adversaries, and deep customisation features.

Conduit 2 introduces Team Invasion Mode, the new co-op mode where players will be able to battle side-by-side with up to four friends on the same screen. Additionally Team Invasion Mode can be played online. Conduit 2 also features a new and more expansive 12-player online competitive multiplayer mode with larger and more intricate indoor and outdoor battlefields. Conduit 2 supports Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, Wii Speak™ and offers increased multiplayer security.

[flashvideo file=https://the-games-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Conduit_2_Trailr.flv width=545 height=307 /]

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