As part of the unveiling of D&D 4th edition a set of quick start rules a full adventure and basic character creator software are available for free download.

First a disclaimer. I’ve never really been of fan of D&D. The rules have always seemed like they were written by a retard (see What’s Wrong with D&D) and the monsters were developed by the “Amazing Man of No Imagination” as evidenced here with 30 years of Stupid Monsters. For example the DuckBunny

But I’m willing to see what this new edition has to offer. Maybe they’ve changed.

And they have changed. They’ve gone from this….


to this……


But that’s understandable cause from reading the “Keep on the Shadowfell” they must be targeting their product at this guy.


How else can you explain the piece of shit that they still manage to put out and stay in business. Some excerpts.


A hook. A HOOK!!!??? If you can’t even get the adventurers adventuring on your own how / why are you the FUCKING DM!


Might as well go Games Workshop on them and bring out the rulers and protractors if your going to make sure they move those kobolds just like WOC wants.


Seriously, do you really need everything spelled out for you including the fucking dialogue of the townsfolk. I would test out the character creator software but I don’t think I can take anymore. I feel retarded just for looking at this crap.

So my Final take on this would be. Save your money and Torrent the D&D movie.  You’ll get the same amount of enjoyment out of watching that Visual and Auditory abortion as you would playing 4th edition D&D.

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