Didn’t you love kicking Rhino’s ass in Spider-Man 2, well now you can do it again! He might not be in the upcoming movie but he will be in The Amazing Spider-Man game.

Your friendly neighborhood IGN recently posted a new trailer for the gaming showing off  Rhino’s shiny horn, it’s also the first time you get to see any villain in the game. Rhino is still looking like the crazy brute he did in the past games so get ready for a challenge.

The Amazing Spider-Man game is an epilogue to the upcoming movie of the same name (the one with the hipster looking Peter Parker).  The Amazing Spider-Man movie releases on July 3  and you can expect the game to come out June 26 for North America and June 30 for the UK and Japan.

So what other villains do you want to see in The Amazing Spider-Man? Post in the comment section below.

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  • Spider Man 2 will always be close to my heart. Amazing game, really. The Mysterio boss fight was damn good. And not to stray too far outta the topic, the Rhino boss fight in the Cryo-lab was super cool (pun intended!) And this particular Rhino looks badass.

    But honestly, these Beenox Spider-Man games are being churned out way too quickly. They just aren’t exciting. Maybe Rocksteady should take the reigns !

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