In the world of the role-playing game, things don’t quite work as they do in real-life. Magic and monsters aside, there are some odd tropes that are often overlooked. And let’s start this article off with one that pervades so many Japanese RPGs (and the occasional Western RPG, too):

Magic Inns


Remember that time you were critically wounded and you slept a night at the inn, waking up feeling alive and refreshed? In RPG Fantasyland, adventurers can take comfort in the fact that one night spent in the town inn will not only cure them of wounds, but of paralysis, poison, petrification and even death itself in some cases! No wonder there’s often a lack of hospitals in these games…

Big Pockets

pile of gold3

The last time you went on a shopping trip, don’t you wish you had these large invisible pockets that RPG characters seem to have? Said characters could have a wealth of over 100,000 gold pieces on their person, and still walk around as though they have nothing on them. Not to mention the countless magic potions, the armour, weapons, etc…

Small Towns


Especially in older RPGs, the size of the towns and number of shops leaves you wondering how the kingdom even stays afloat. A shop that sells a handful of weapons and another that sells a few magic potions is hardly the kind of thing that would keep a normal economy flowing, so how do these guys manage it?

No Choice


Again, this is wildly popular in older RPGs. A character will sometimes ask if you wish to partake in a quest of some sort and give you a choice of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Only, it’s all an illusion! For you see, choosing ‘no’ will just prompt the quest-giver in question to ask you the same question again, but not before making you feel guilty for making that choice in the first place. So, basically, time will stop and the plot will refuse to move forward.

Armour 24/7

fable armour

The warrior will wear his armour all the damn time. This includes if he is sat down eating, bathing or even sleeping. He doesn’t seem to get hot in it either, nor does its heaviness seem to affect him at all. The same can be applied to clothes in general as characters will wear the same clothing throughout the adventure.

Convenient Shops


In order to adventure forth into the unknown, you will need some magic potions, sacred tomes and a steel blade. Luckily, in many cases, the world of RPGs has an economy that revolves around said things so finding a weapons and item shop is a dead certainty in any community. There usually won’t be a hairdresser or a shop that actually sells normal clothes but, at the very least, there is usually an unlimited supply in adventuring gear.



Typically, the society within an RPG will have failed to develop useful technology such as flushing toilets, but will have discovered how to build big-ass airships and how to keep them afloat. Even in fantasy games with a medieval-esque setting, somehow they’ll have discovered the technology.

Always Swords

Cloud Strife

The setting could be a steampunk-inspired setting or even a futuristic one. However, one thing is for certain: swords will still be in popular usage in that era. The likelihood is that the main hero of the story will be armed with one and they will be more powerful than guns. If the main hero has one, then there’s a good chance that his rival will, too.

Did the list leave out your favorite insane RPG trope? Well, then quick travel to the comments to tell us what we forgot!

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