Rockstar has announced a bevy of downloadable packs for Max Payne 3, which is due out on May 15. Considering that the famed developer has been emphasizing the multiplayer in recent trailers and previews, it comes as no surprise that the game will receive the full treatment of multiplayer and co-op DLC.

So far, a total of 7 packs have been announced, and a season’s pass will be available. Similar to L.A. Noire, purchasing the season’s pass will grant you full access to all the DLC releasing through the end of 2012. The season’s pass will cost $29.99 (on PC and PS3), and 2400 Microsoft Points (Xbox 360), which is a 35% discount compared to buying each pack seperately (which suggests that purchasing each pack individually will cost approximately $50, or 4000 Microsoft Points).

The first piece of DLC, titled The Local Justice Map Pack, is due out in June 2012. This pack will include 3 new multiplayer maps, precinct-theme avatar items, multiplayer challenges, and more. The other 6 packs, which are a mix of map packs, multiplayer modes, and co-op content, will be released throughout the year. The current release schedule can be found below.

June 2012
• Local Justice Map Pack

Summer 2012
• Disorganized Crime Map Pack
• Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack
• Hostage Negotiation Map Pack
• New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012
• Painful Memories Map Pack
• Trickle Down Economics Map Pack

Considering the quality of the DLC in Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption, I’m hoping Rockstar will deliver some quality downloadable content. What do you think? Will you be picking up the season pass, or will you only try out a pack or two? Will you be skipping out on Max Payne 3 entirely? Sound off in the comments below!

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