User Liamaj at the Steam Forums noticed something odd when he opened the executable file for the steam version of Max Payne 2. If you look at the ASCII art in the screen shot below you see it spells out MYTH. MYTH is a now defunct warez group that among other things wrote a crack for Max Payne 2 that removed the DRM. Rockstar found the MYTH team to be excellent programmers and used the MYTH crack instead of recompiling their executable without DRM. They’ve stealth patched out the logo in the executable since the story was posted on the message board but it can still be found in the testapp.exe file.

Remember kiddies, copying computer software without permission is piracy an piracy is wrong. I feel that Rockstar should have to compensate The MYTH team for stealing their code. I’m sure Rockstar would find it a violation if people stole their code for use in another product 🙂

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  • They should totally compensate those guys. Or at least publicly acknowledge it so that they can put it on their resume’s. It would really help out the programmers that are doing it for free.

  • But then they would have to admit they did something wrong. Unfortunately while the pirate community will remember this forever, most people have forgotten this by next week, distracted by the disappearance of another middle class white girl. Their bottom line is protected by ignoring the issue.

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