On the German website Konsolentreff, a picture has surfaced of a “Resistance 3” 320 GB PS3 bundle. As you can see from the pic there is a “PSN Pass” listed in the corner. The translation is “PASS PSN Network features only available in countries that have Playstation Store”.

So now we are all wondering, if this pic is real, what exactly is PSN Pass?

The worst case scenario that is spreading like wildfire, is that PSN Pass is a “Project $10” style access to PSN.  Project $10 was EA’s plan to capitolize on used game sales by forcing used game buyers to pay $10 for things such as online play, or DLC packs that are free to new purchasers.   Sony has already tested the waters of this with the last SOCOM game for PSP.  It required you to pay for online play if you were using a used copy of the game.  If true it may be a signal that SONY is continuing this same style of revenue generation.


All I can say to SONY is……

I am so sick of this shit and I buy new when its still available that way.  Especially since the big selling point of PSN for everyone is the fact that online play was free, while it cost money to play on the Xbox360.  If you don’t want people to buy used then make better games.  If your games held peoples interest they would not be trading them in to Gamestop the same weekend they bought them.  Which is when the game makes all its money for the developer.

Used games don’t just magically appear.  Someone had to buy it new and decide it wasn’t worth keeping.  I use the used rack at Gamestop as an indicator of how “good” (I know good is subjective) a game is.  When there’s more than 2 used copies on the wall and its still the original release week,  it’s a good bet your game sucks.  Stop trying to nickel and dime folks to make up for your inadequate game design.

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