Tech website Teknylate is reporting that their sources have claimed that Windows 8 will be able to play Xbox360 games. They claim that you will have to pay for an Xbox Live style account in order for everything to work.

Honestly, it sounds fishy to me.

  • Many of the popular games are also on PC so why would you buy the X360 version?
  • On a console everyone is on a level playing field.  Introduce PC’s to the mix and now the guy with the faster PC (faster CPU/GPU, more RAM, etc..) now has a advantage.  Game devs, including Microsoft, work hard to balance game play.  Why add such an unbalancing element to the mix?
  • A big one here.  Why spend all the time building the Xbox brand just to try and move folks over to a PC platform?  If anything they should be trying to get PC games to play on the Xbox360.

I really expect this to be false.  Guess well find out soon.

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