At the Tokyo Game Show last week Nintendo confirmed that a Smash Bros. game would be coming to WiiU but was pretty much hush about any details.  Well now a “leaked” document has some details for us.

Now this is still rumor and I must stress that as the pic originated on the 4Chan message board (seriously don’t click that from work) before making its way to Reddit.

The very blurry memo tells us several things according to a translation from Zelda Informer.

  • The memo is a bit of brainstorming and discussion about the series and the characters in it as opposed to a fact sheet that would be given to the press.
  • Characters from SEGA appearing is mentioned as a possibility.
  • Konami and Square Enix are mentioned but no context is given as the page is too blurry.
  • Samus (Metroid) should be represented as a fast warrior in the next installment.

Of course Nintendo is giving the generic “We do not respond to rumors.”  line when I asked about this.

Let’s pretend for now that this is real.  What characters/powers would you like to see added from Sega, Konami, or Square?  I would like to see Golden (Super) Sonic, and Vivi from FF9 make an appearance.

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  • Unfortunately, with Square Enix acquiring Eidos a while back, I’m willing to bet we’re probably more likely to see Lara Croft in Smash than a Final Fantasy character. Especially since they already have their own fighting game.

    What would I like to see added? Sega: Someone from Valkyria Chronicles (maybe Alice) or Sakura Wars, Konami: a DDR character (imagine the weirdness you could do with it a la Mr. Game & Watch), Square Enix: Maybe a Final Fantasy character like Terra, but barring that, how about a King Slime?

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