Bandai is releasing a new  figure for the S.H. Figuarts line to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon series. The figure will be released in Japan this August for 4410 yen (about $45), and Bluefin Tamashii USA  will release the figure over in United States this August or September.

The figure is 14 cm high (5.5 inches)  and it comes with interchangeable  faces, three spare left hands, and five right hands.  Yep, this figure can reenact classic poses from the series.

Sailor Moon will also come with her cat Luna, two Moon Sticks and parts of creating the Moon Tiara Action special effect.

To further celebrate the anniversary, a reboot of the anime is coming this summer, and Sailor Moon fans should know that Kodansha USA  has been re-releasing  the manga to US readers.  All-around, a great way for fans to celebrate the 20th anniversary.

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