sweet-fuse-logoWith the adventures of Saki Inafune less than a month away, Aksys Games has released a trailer for the upcoming otome title Sweet Fuse: At Your Side. In the visual novel from Idea Factory and Comcept, you’ll play as Saki, the fictional niece of Mega Man creator and Comcept founder Keiji Inafune.

In the game, Saki finds herself trapped inside a theme park along with a handful of eligible bachelors: “Shidou, a serious and dedicated police detective; Mitarashi, a loud, reckless, hot-headed escort; Wakasa, a young, skittish pop star; Meoshi, a shy hardcore gamer; Shirabe, an older and experienced journalist; Urabe, a quiet, kind fortune teller; and a mysterious young man who offers his help.”

Based on the actions you take and the puzzles you solve in order to escape the clutches of Count Hogstein, you’ll end up with one of fourteen endings in the game, and just maybe win over someone’s heart in the process.

Sweet Fuse can be at your side and on your PSP and PS Vita starting August 27th.

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