GirlsundPanzerJapaneseMangaCoverSeven Seas has announced three new manga series that are set to release starting next calendar year, each with ties to war in one way or another.

Strike Witches: Maidens in the Sky is a series about young magical girls who are given striker units, which allow them to fly and combat an alien force known as the Neuroi. Set in an alternate version of the early 20th century, each of the girls is a spin on a famous pilot, and each striker unit is based on a well-known combat plane.  Be aware, the series is known for having numerous panty-shots, though; as Funimation (who licensed the anime series) boasts, the girls are “winning the war on pants”. Seven Seas will begin publishing the two-part series starting in February 2014. There are other spinoff manga related to the series which Seven Seas will release later in 2014, but have not announced which of the other five Strike Witches manga series have been licensed.

Back on the ground, Seven Seas will be showing off the skills of the Ooarai High School Tank Brigade in Girls und Panzer. In the series, teams of high school girls compete in sensha-dou (“The Way of the Tank”), where brigades face off in combat to show off their strategic military prowess. Seven Seas will release the two-parter starting June 2014 with the prequel series Girls und Panzer: Little Army to follow at the end of the year. The anime adaptation, licensed by Sentai Filmworks and available now on Crunchyroll, will be available on Blu-ray this fall.

Finally, taking the battle to the Seven Seas, they will also be releasing Arpeggio of Blue Steel, a near-future manga series about naval warfare. In Arpeggio, rising water levels and melting ice caps have caused much of Earth’s land mass to be lost to the oceans, and a powerful fleet of sentient battleships known as the “Fleet of Fog” have appeared. After defeating the Earth’s naval forces, they have created a blockade, preventing anyone from traveling and threatening survival. Arpeggio is the story of Earth’s last ditch effort to defeat the alien fleet, a young girl capable of transforming into a submarine. Seven Seas will release the manga series beginning in July 2014, and an anime series is currently in production and scheduled to begin this fall.

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