Similar to the incident with Metroid: Other M, a game breaking glitch has been discovered in the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This glitch is centered around the quest involving the Thunder Dragon. As reported by Zelda Informer, below are the steps that are required to trigger this glitch.

  1. At the beginning of the Song of Hero Quest, go to Lanayru Desert to obtain the Thunder Dragon’s song.
  2. Speak with Golo the Goron, who is located in the Lanayru Mine.
  3. Receive the Thunder Dragon’s song, by completing the Thunder Dragon event.
  4. Before heading to the volcano or forest areas, speak with Golo the Goron again, in the Lanayru Mine.


By following these steps, the volcano and forest events WILL NOT TRIGGER. If this happens, you will NOT be able to proceed through the story, and you will either have to boot up and older save file, or restart the game. Also, this glitch will not occur if you complete the Fire and Water song events first. Talking to Golo the Goron in the Lanayru Cave will also not trigger this glitch. 


My thoughts exactly, Picard.


If you are dead set on completing the Thunder Dragon’s song first, do not talk to Golo until you have obtained all three songs. Of course, collecting the other two songs first is the safest bet. As of now, Nintendo has no other solution to solve this glitch, other than ensuring that you not follow the steps listed above. As of now, it is unsure if Nintendo will release a patch to fix the game, or if they will offer a “save replacement program”, similar to the one they offered with Metroid: Other M, where Nintendo allowed players to send in their save file (on an SD card), or their Wii console in order to have their save file fixed. For those who do not remember, Metroid: Other M had a similar glitch, where backtracking to a specific room after obtaining the Ice Beam prevented players from continuing the game.

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  • Nintendo can’t patch Wii games so that is out. They will probably offer the same fix as Metroid: Other M had. While this sucks it is a testament to Nintendo’s normal quality control standards that we are surprised when something like this happens. On the 360 and PS3 we almost assume there will be bugs. While the ability to download patches would be nice, I’m almost afraid that when the WiiU comes out and they have that ability they’ll fall in to the same pattern as MS and Sony. Just release the games and patch it when they can.

  • True; I was unsure if they could do a system update that somehow includes a workaround.

    As for the Wii U, I am sure 3rd party devs might take advantage of this, but I doubt Nintendo would release buggy games knowing they could patch it. Similarly, MS and Sony don’t really release buggy games from what I can think of. Sure, 3rd party devs do, but most 1st/2nd party games tend to be bug free.

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