In Sonic Colors, players will use the power of the colored energy obtained from Wisps in order to traverse the environments. Revealed so far are Blue Wisps that give Sonic extra boost, Green Wisps that turn Sonic into a laser which can bounce off surfaces and travel through power lines, and Yellow Wisps that allow Sonic to dig into dirt surfaces to reach hidden areas. The Wii version of Sonic Colors will use a mixture of 2D and 3D perspectives, akin to Sonic Unleashed’s day stages, while the Nintendo DS version will take advantage of the dual screens of the handheld, similar to the Sonic Rush series. There are also Wisps exclusive to the DS version, such as a Red Wisp that turns Sonic into a living fireball. The Wii and DS versions will have slightly different stories to each other.

Release Date set for Holiday 2010.

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