This is one crazy situation.  The first report was that each Vita could only handle one PSN ID and to change the PSN ID in use would require a factory reset.  Then Sony associate brand marketing manager Crystal MacKenzie told WIRED at a trade event that you could use multiple PSN ID’s as they are tied to the memory card not the system.  So swapping memory cards would allow you to use multiple accounts.

Well today SONY told WIRED in an email that Crystal was wrong.  The PSN ID is tied to the system AND the memory card.

“[The] PSN account is tied to the hardware and the memory card, not just the card,” a different Sony representative said in an e-mail, “which means that if a second person is using your Vita, it’s not just a case of switching out memory cards, it’s clearing out all of your saved data on the Vita itself when you do the factory reset.”

“In other words, PlayStation Vita is intended to be played by only one user,” the representative said.

Hopefully this is the final word on this issue.  One system, one account.  This also means that while the Vita is supposed to be region free, you’ll have to buy one system per region you plan to buy games from.

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