VentureBeat dug up a patent filed by SONY back in 2010.  The patent describes an interface device for a gaming console that just so happens to look and act just like the WiiU’s new tablet controller.



Methods and systems for using a position of a mobile device with an integrated display as an input to a video game or other presentation are presented. Embodiments include rendering an avatar on a mobile device such that it appears to overlay a competing user in the real world. Using the mobile device’s position, view direction, and the other user’s mobile device position, an avatar (or vehicle, etc.) is depicted at an apparently inertially stabilized location of the other user’s mobile device or body. Some embodiments may estimate the other user’s head and body positions and angles and reflect them in the avatar’s gestures.

There's something familiar about this.

SONY’s patent applications reference to a “mobile device” could mean they would allow the linking of mobile phones, or full tablets.  It also could just be a reference to the PS Vita or a dedicated tablet style controller like the WiiU’s.   SONY has said before that a PS3-Vita combination could do everything that the WiiU tablet controller can do. So that is always a possibility.

If this is going to be a PS3-Vita combo or a prelude to the PS4 it is probably not going to be officially revealed till E3.  Well just have to wait for now.

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