Hey everyone! Here’s all the announcements from Sony’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) Press Conference.

Hardware and Sales:

Sony’s PlayStation 3 reached 51.8 million sales, and PSP reached 41.4 million units globally. To contrast that Xbox 360 is currently at 55 million, the DS (I think this number includes DSi) at 147.9 million and the Wii at 87.57 million worldwide.
The conference really centered around the PS Vita. PS3 was really only mentioned if the games were going to be on Vita and PS3.
Two PSP-3000 value packs go on sale Nov. 17. One comes in black, and the other comes in red. The bundle consists of a cleaning cloth, pouch, battery pack, plug, and a 2GB Memory Stick for ¥17,800 (US$232).

PS Vita:

Vita launch date is December 17 for Japan with a promise of “by March 2012” for the rest of the world. There will be 26 titles on day one, 100 promised by March 2012. (full list of the launch titles at the end of the post.  Sony revealed how the 3G version data plan will work. You buy time on the network by the hour. You have to pre-pay for 20 hours for ¥980 ($13) or 100 hours for ¥4980 ($65). The 3G model will come with a pre-paid 100 hour code.  The battery life of the Vita is no better than the 3DS. The battery will last 3-5 hours while playing a game, about 5 hours during video playback, and 9 hours with only music playback. It will take 2h 40min to charge the system from a completely dead battery.

Welcome Park for Vita
• A built-in app where you can play mini games.
• One game is to take pictures and have them broken in to a puzzle you have to assemble again.

The Vita will have a browser installed, like the PSP, but this one can be used while you have a game running.

It has a Friends Network that is pretty much a friends list that acts like the Mii Plaza on the 3DS. This will work in conjunction with the “Near” feature which is the same as the 3DS’s Streetpass.

Facebook, Twitter, Foursqure, and Skype apps are pre-installed.

Most downloadable psp games can be played on Vita, with dual stick support. There is no UMD support as was previously announced, but they did say they are thinking of doing something for PSP UMD holders. But much like the promise they made with the PSP Go I don’t think anything will come of this. (Just for those who don’t know they promised that if you bought the PSP Go you could trade your UMD’s in for the download copy. They never instituted that program.)

Games Announced or Highlighted

• Street Fighter X Tekken: PlayStation mascots Toro and Kuro will also appear in the PS Vita version.
• Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Adds touch screen controls for a “new playing style.”
• Lords of Apocalypse: It’s an action RPG
• Army Corps of Hell
• Final Fantasy XIII-2: December launch in Japan. Early 2012 for the rest of us.
• Final Fantasy X: An HD upgrade for the PS3 and Vita
• Zone of the Enders HD Collection: Contains ZOE 1 and 2. Launches in 2012.
• Hot Shots Golf Six (Called Everybody’s Golf in Japan): It has online play and a messaging system for friends.
• Yuusha no Kiroku: An RPG that creates monsters in your calendar and has a hero fight them.

The full list of day-one titles for the PS Vita:

• BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend (Arc System Works)
• Project N.O.E.L.S. (Arc System Works)
• 3gokushi touchbattle (AQ Interactive)
• Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (Capcom)
• Nature of Night of Kamaitachi – 11th visitor, A Suspect (Chunsoft)
• F1 2011 (Codemasters)
• Dream C Club Zero Portable (D3 Publisher)
• Niconico (Dwango)
• Fis Oh (Kadokawa Games)
• Katamari Damacy (Namco Bandai)
• Ridge Racer (Namco Bandai)
• Disgaea 3 Return (Nippon Ichi Software)
• Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition (Sega)
• @field (Sonic Powered)
• Uncharted: Golden (Sony)
• Little Deviants (Sony)
• Minnato Issho (Sony)
• Hot Shots Golf Next (Sony)
• Yuusha no kiroku (Sony)
• Monster Radar (Sony)
• Shinobido 2: Tales of the Ninja (Spike)
• Army Corps of Hell (Square Enix)
• Lord of Apocalypse (Square Enix)
• Dynasty Warriors Next (Tecmo Koei)
• Dark Quest (Ubisoft)
• Michael Jackson: The Experience HD (Ubisoft)

The list of “in production” titles for the PS Vita.  Most of these are working titles subject to change:

  • SRPG (Working Title) (ALPJA)
  • No title (AQUAPLUS)
  • Shirotsuku (CAVE)
  • New shooting (CAVE)
  • Emergency Escape Adventure Trust or Betrayal (CHUNSOFT)
  • Jurassic HUNTER (Digital Works Entertainment)
  • slotter mania (V DORASU) – Slot Simulation
  • Hello Kitty to issho block crash V (DORASU) – Block Crash
  • FIFA (EA)
  • RPG (Working Title) (FURYU CORPORATION)
  • Ragnarok Odyssey (GungHo Online Entertainment)
  • TBA (GungHo Online Entertainment)
  • TBA (GungHo Online Entertainment)
  • New title (GUST)
  • Monsters Rising (IDEA FACTORY)
  • DRAGON’S CROWN (Ignition Entertainment)
  • Shin Megami Tensei series (Index Corporation / Atlus)
  • Persona4 The GOLDEN (Index Corporation / Atlus)
  • No title (KAGA CREATE)
  • No title (KAGA CREATE)
  • AR COMBAT DigiQ (Konami)
  • Oh to Maoh to Nananin no himegimi tachi – shin ohsama monogatari- (Konami)
  • Soccer (Konami)
  • Shinsei Zenkoku Taisen Version (Konami)
  • Baseball (Konami)
  • New RPG title (LEVEL-5)
  • No title (MAGES)
  • Saikyo Todai Shogi (Mainichi Communications)
  • Marjong Haoh (Mainichi Communications)
  • New Action RPG (Working Title) (Marvelous Entertainment)
  • New Action-Adventure game (Working Title) (Marvelous Entertainment)
  • New Simulation RPG (Working Title) (Marvelous Entertainment)
  • New Fantasy RPG (Working Title) (Marvelous Entertainment)
  • Next Education [English Grammar] (Media5 Corporation)
  • Next Education (Media5 Corporation)
  • Next Education (Media5 Corporation) (It’s a different Title)
  • Gundam Franchise (NAMCO BANDAI)
  • Super Robot Taisen Franchise (NAMCO BANDAI)
  • Tales of Innocence R (NAMCO BANDAI)
  • Ys -Foliage Ocean in CELCETA (Nihon Falcom Corporation)
  • Daito Giken Official Pachi-Slot Simulator Series (PAON Corporation)
  • No title (POLYGON MAGIC)
  • Little Busters! Converted Edition (PROTOTYPE)
  • Jumpin’ (Working Title) (Railfan Holdings)
  • RPG (Rideon Japan)
  • Super Monkey Ball (SEGA)
  • Ginsei Igo (SilverStarJapan)
  • Ginsei Shogi Huun Ryuuko Raiden (SilverStarJapan)
  • Escape (Sony)
  • Sound Shape (Sony)
  • Reality Fighters (Sony)
  • LittleBigPlanet (Sony)
  • WipEout2048 (Sony)
  • Sangokuhime (SystemSoft Alpha Corporation)
  • Battlefield of Maidens 2nd (SystemSoft Alpha Corporation)
  • Sengokuhime 3rd (SystemSoft Alpha Corporation)
  • Moe Moe Great War Modern Version ++ (SystemSoft Alpha Corporation)
  • NINJA GAIDEN Ó (Tecmo Koei)
  • LUMINES (Ubisoft)
  • Rayman Origins (Ubisoft)

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