sony-playstation-3Sony will be adding game demos to their blu-ray line up of movies. Of course they will only be accessible from a PS3. The first movie to take advantage of this will be District 9 which hits stores December 29th.

And what lovely demo will you be getting? Why its God of War III.

I wouldn’t get the movie simply for the demo, but I would have played the demo since it’s there. They will probably start pairing Movies with their own game this way. (Especially Children’s movies) And I can see how that could backfire on them. Could be a cheaper way to shut up the children. Make them play the demo over and over instead of buying the real game. But on the bright side that may mean they will stop making those awful Movie Tie-In Games.

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  • As someone who rarely watches a movie twice, this probably won’t get me to buy more, but it’s a nice throw in for the times that I do buy one.

    And no, Greg, they will never stop making movie tie-in games. That monster will never be stopped. It may be the bĂȘte noire for real gamers, but they still make money for publishers since Grandma will pick them up around Christmas time and birthdays because she doesn’t know any better.

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