The preview of the cover for the January issue of Game Informer let the world know that a South Park RPG was in the works. Well some folks have the January issue early and have leaked all the details already.

Some highlights of the article:

  • The game will be made by Obsidian, who made Fallout: New Vegas and the game will run on the Dungeon Siege 3 engine.
  • The in game menu is a smartphone with a facebook like app that keeps track of friends and your standing with different factions.
  • The story begins with you as the new kid in town who joins the other kids in a full town LARP.  There are five classes you can choose; wizard, paladin, adventurer, rogue, and a fifth class made up by Cartman.
  • There are a few Final Fantasy style systems involved including summoning and materia.
  • Concept art shows off the Underpants Gnome Mine, a UFO crashsite, and a Gnome/Crab People D.M.Z.  with Gnomes on one side of a fence and Crab People on the other.
  • The entire game will also be in the hand drawn 2D style of the TV show.
  • Unlike other Southpark games, Trey and Matt are actively involved in the making of this one.

There’s more interviews and spoilers in Game Informer issue.  So far I’m intrigued.  The game will release on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC sometime in 2012.

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