It’s nice to see a game coming out that will try to take advantage of the 3DS’s lesser used abilities.

Nintendo and Tecmo Koei confirmed the North American release of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. The game is a spinoff of Tecmo’s Fatal Frame survival horror series, so it’s not surprising that the planned release date is for April on Friday the 13th.

The story follows a girl named Maya.  She is trapped in the house by a curse and it’s the players goal to break her free.  The game will use the 3DS’s built in cameras and AR viewer software to incorporate the real world into the story. If you’ve tried the Face Raiders app or the AR cards that come with the 3DS than you’ll already have some idea on how it will incorporate the real world in to the game play mechanics.

The game comes with a 16 page Augmented Reality book, called the “Diary of Faces” that plays a major role in the story.   Sometimes the augmentation will be in the form of a movie, while other pages will cause monsters and spirits to attack the player.  Like I mentioned earlier, play Face Raiders and you’ll see how that works.


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