Today at Sony’s E3 press conference, they talked about Final Fantasy XIII, which everyone expected, and showed a beautiful trailer. Then, they dropped a double bombshell. They announced Final Fantasy XIV…Online. That’s the same tag that was placed on Final Fantasy XI. From the looks of it, this will be Squeenix’s second foray into the MMO world under it’s flagship series. They had been working on an MMO with the working title “Rapture” for some time, and it’s possible that this is it. Sony claims that it will be a PS3 console exclusive, but I find it hard to believe that there won’t be at least a PC version. There was a very pretty trailer that was all CG which I’ve now added to the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

I love my RPGs, but I’ve never been big on MMO’s. I’ve played FFXI, City of Heroes and World of Warcraft, but none of them held my attention for more than half of a year. Hopefully Square Enix will divulge some more information tomorrow at their own press conference. I’ll do my best to cover that one as KK has been doing for the last two days; as long as my real job doesn’t impede too much.

Update (6/3/09) – According to a press release later yesterday afternoon, Final Fantasy XIV will be for PS3 and PC. The exclusivity announced during the press conference only extended to consoles. Also, RPGamer has posted some screenshots from the teaser. They’re lovely, but don’t exactly show gameplay yet. Enjoy them!

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  • Kiraman Katibin

    6 Months. WOW (pun intended). I didn’t last a week on Guild Wars and that was free to play. Games based entirely on questing need to take a hint from Bethesda. They make open world games that have a lot of quests, dungeon crawls, and exploration, and at no time do I feel bored by it. Morrowind had me for over a year. Oblivion got me for at least 8 months and now I’m playing Fallout 3. Wonder how long I’ll be on this one.

    But I digress. It would be nice to see some gameplay footage and prices. Why can’t they go back to PSO pricing ($5/month). I played that for a year online, on dialup.

    Maybe I’m just not the target demographic 😛

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