Square Enix has let loose a handful of Sleeping Dogs screenshots, and man do they look good. The various screens allow a look at each of the gameplay’s foundations: melee combat, gunplay, and driving, as well as a glimpse of the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong.   

Sleeping Dogs, formerly True Crime: Hong Kong, tells the story of undercover cop Wai Shen as he attempts to infiltrate the local Triad gang and subvert it from within. The game is slated to release in the later half of this year.

So far, the game seems like it is shaping up well. Unfortunately though, having not played any of the game to get a feel for how the mechanics work, my opinion is only based on this batch of screens and the initial release trailer–which features no gameplay whatsoever, mind you–and a screenshot can only tell you so much. Which is to say, they can’t tell you a lot about a game’s quality. Regardless, check out our announcement post and check back for more details as we get them.

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